Starring The Metallic Loafer

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Silver leather loafers- £15.00 (rrp. £59.99) Tk Maxx (similar hereherehere & here‣ Faux fur jacket- £35.00 H&M gold label collection ‣ Vest- £1.99 H&M ‣ High waisted jeans- £22.99 New Look  Leather bag- £59.99 Zara (in store)

Can we all just stop to appreciate these beautiful metallic loafers?! They’re without a doubt my new favourite go-to shoes and this isn’t only down to the obvious aesthetics, but also because they’re made from the softest, comfiest leather. It’s like walking in little silver clouds- dream footwear, hello!

I spotted them in Tk Maxx a few weeks back during one of my regular rummages and at £15 they’re an absolute steal! One of the things I love about any Tk Maxx find is that you can almost guarantee that no one else will have the same, they’re your own little unique treasures. Talking of treasures, I found the ultimate *cough, Ralph Lauren* Tk Maxx treasure yesterday, if you follow me on Twitter  or Instagram you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, but a post solely dedicated to it will be up very soon!

These photos were taken during a lovely Spring day out with my boyfriend last week in Tunbridge Wells. Whilst it wasn’t quite warm enough to go out baring all, this fur jacket proved to be the perfect ‘not too hot/ not too cold’ option. It’s super soft and furry, yet still really lightweight and I just love the deep navy blue shade. I kept the rest of my outfit fairly simple and turned up the hems of my high waisted jeans to compliment the loafers.

Are these loafers catching your eye too?
I’ve included links to a few metallic silver leather loafer dupes, but there really are so many high street and designer options to choose from! They’re most definitely a shoe staple for this S/S.


  1. You look amazing. Adoring the fur coat. The whole outfit looks incred and the shoes are awesome, wish they had heel versions!

    Katie <3

    1. Thankyou lovely! Heel versions would actually be amazing!x

  2. What a beautiful outfit. You look so great. Those shoes are the perfect way to finish off the look!

  3. I love that outfit :)
    Jessica xx

  4. those loafers are dreamy xx

    1. Thankyou, I love them so much! Dreamy to wear too haha x


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