Spring/Summer Moisturising Essentials

moisturising essentials

My everyday body moisturising routine usually involves putting on baby oil when I get out the shower and then towel drying myself. I swear by this as it keeps my skin baby soft yet it's so quick and means I can get dressed straight away without feeling sticky or greasy. However, once the sunshine appears I have to switch this up to avoid frying myself. Read on to find out which products will take its place...

Being a lover of the scent of cocoa butter, this cocoa radiant gel oil instantly jumped out at me. You need to apply literally the smallest amount (else it does feel a bit greasy) and it soaks into your skin almost instantly and really does give you such a radiant glow as it promises. The gel oil combination is such a lovely formulation to use and it feels really luxurious on the skin. It's going to be perfect for Spring/Summer evenings to ensure your tanned skin is glowing whist keeping it hydrated.

This spray & go moisturiser has been a bit of a revelation in the moisturising world. It's a moisturiser in a can that sprays out a fine mist of the product, with a cooling effect. It's definitely going to be the refreshing go-to day moisturiser once the hotter weather is here! The cocoa and aloe are my scents of choice, but there's also the light yellow 'essential moisture' which is a scent that hard to describe but I’d say it smells ‘creamy'. 

I often spritz this vitamin e face mist over my finished makeup to help to set it and give it a dewy finish. In hotter temperatures it's such a lovely product to keep in the fridge and use on the face throughout the day as a welcomed refreshing moisture boost. I love to pop this into my beach bag or have it beside me whilst sunbathing, it's a bit of a saviour product! 

The vitamin C energising face spritz also works in the same way but is particularly aimed at dull skin to give it an extra boost. It has a fairly strong citrus scent to it which I'm personally not the hugest fan of but it is very refreshing so will again, work so well as a 'pick me up' sunbathing spritz. 

Last but not least, a tanning optimiser is a must have for all of us tanaholics! Once you get a tan, you want to keep it for as long as possible so I like to use a moisturiser specifically designed to do this. Although I think any moisturiser would help prolong a tan, this tanning optimiser has a blend of ingredients that are specifically designed for this. I've stocked up on this one from St. tropez which has a lovely light fragrant scent. 

I’ve got my moisturisers ready, now all I need is the sunshine... where are you? 
Do you have any specific moisturising products you like to use in the Spring/Summer?

P.S You may notice I’ve just updated my blog design and taught myself a bit of html along with way *proud moment*, I’d love to know what you think :)


  1. I am obsessed with the cocoa radiant oil!! It leaves me skin so soft and is also and awesome tanning oil :) I've been skeptical about the St Tropez optimizer... I use their tanner, but wasn't sure it was a gimmick. I think I may have to try it now! Thanks :)

    xox- becky


    1. It’s so lovely isn’t it! Yess, I’d really recommend it!x

  2. Check out my recent blog post on my favourite summer moisturiser! I loved this blog post.

    www.ellenwarnerxo.blogspot.co.uk xo

    1. I will do, love to see recommendations!x

  3. Ooh, I never knew Body Shop did a vitamin face spritz, I'll be getting that then! Sounds lovely, putting it in the fridge and using it on summer-y days, love a dewy glow! Lovely blog, new follower! :-) Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


    1. It’s soo good! Thankyou for following :) x


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