I ♥ Big Hair


So it's no secret that I adore and love to have big hair. Any products that claim to give a helping hand in achieving volume and I purchase them without hesitation! I'm often asked how I get my hair to stay so big, and since the products I use have changed from my last 'big hair' post I thought I'd share my updated hair routine. If you're wanting to achieve big bouncy locks then read on...

Although I do have quite a lot of it, my hair is very fine so looking out for lightweight products that won't weigh it down is an absolutely necessity. Anything that's heavy would just counteract from any volume I try to create and my hard work in the morning would be gone within a few hours. 

To wash my hair I use a volumising shampoo, the Aussie volume shampoo has been my one of choice for the past few months now and it really does appear to be working. Not to mention it smells so delicious! I follow with Aussie's miracle moist conditioner to ensure my hair is kept soft and healthy. I don't want volume throughout the ends of my hair and think a conditioner should be nourishing so I find a volumising conditioner isn't necessary. 

Once I've towel dried my hair I use some sort of leave in lightweight serum or conditioner throughout the lengths. I mix these up all the time as I do have a fair few to choose from, but my current favourites are the Aussie Miracle recharge shine lightweight conditioning mist and the Aussie coloured hair protector and shine serum (notice the Aussie theme here haha!). 

Next is the vital ingredient to achieving volume... the Got2b 2 sexy big volume, volumising spray mousse. It's the first spray mousse to be released which when pressed, gives out a fine mist of mousse. I spray this onto my damp hair pretty much all over, focusing on the roots and in the places where I want the most body. It's so much more effective than using an ordinary mousse as it's easy to distribute it evenly throughout your roots without having large 'moussey' patches throughout. It gives my hair so much lift and although I try to let it air dry as often as possible (to keep away from heat), when blow dryed with my head upside down it creates even more body. Once dry it doesn't leave your hair feeling sticky of full of product in the slightest, which has always been a pet hate of mine with the outcome of many other products. Instead it still feels silky and freshly washed, although it does leave a little bit of texture which is perfect for back combing.

Onto the backcombing. Unfortunately you can't achieve really big and bouncy hair without the step, which my hair isn't very thankful for. Backcombing is always going to be damaging for your hair and after 5 years of doing it every single day, I'm always on the lookout for new tools that can minimise this. The 'My big fat backcomber' comb from Lee Stafford is fairly new to me, but has instantly become an absolute necessity. As you can see it has larger 'teeth' either side of the smaller toothed comb in the middle, which is designed to be kinder to your hair as less teasing is necessary. I'd agree with this and have also found that I can achieve my usual backcombed styles with a lot less effort and time. I'd really urge anyone who regularly backcombs their hair to purchase this, I bought it from Boots for only £3.99 but I'm sure it can be found in most shops.

So there we have it, my current big bouncy volumising hair routine! 
Do you like big hair too? Have I tempted you with any of these products? 


  1. I want big hair! I just end up looking ridiculous when I try and backcomb it. Think I need to get someone to properly show me what to do!

    Love the new layout by the way!

    Katie <3

    1. I bet you’d look great, you just need to find out the shaping that works for you!x

  2. i am 100% tempted with the Got2b 2 sexy big volume! sounds perfect especially as its non sticky as I have curly hair so it can look horrible! x


    1. It really is so so good and it won’t leave your hair sticky or crispy in the slightest!x

  3. I love your big hair. I need to go and pick up the Got2b Sexy Big Volume now, you have sold it to me!



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