Belle Of The Bafta’s

As usual, the array of ensembles that swept down the red carpet last night captured my attention over and above the ceremony itself. Fashion over films and tv any day! I also love scouring twitter the following day to see who’s made who’s best and worst dressed lists, it’s like a whole other set of awards whilst every stitch, cut and style is being scrutinised. Read on to find out who won the ‘belle of the ball Bafta’s’ awards in my eyes...

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I absolutely love the shade of emerald green that Lupita Nyong’o opted for. Teamed with a chunky gold belt and bangles, the contrast is so beautiful yet uncomplicated with simple, clean cut lines. I usually dislike this satin material but it clings to Lupita’s figure in all the right places and with the larger flowing skirt it definitely seems to work.

I think Olga Kurylenko may have stolen the show! In terms of complete look that is anyway. The beautiful Burberry gown looks as though it was made for the red carpet, as the glistening tones compliment the carpet itself. It showcases her brunette locks and glowing skin perfectly and that’s not to mention how amazing her figure looks. She’s been transformed into a beautiful mermaid with the clingy fit of the skirt along with the individual shimmery sections that resemble a mermaids tail- now, that’s every girls dream come true! 

Continuing with the mermaid theme, Ruth Wilson steps out in this iridescent ensemble. I always like to see a trouser suit on the red carpet, breaking up the flowing gowns and bringing a bit of attitude to the carpet. I’m ever so excited to see that the iridescent trend is here to stay too, as this suit is in fact from the Antonio Berardi pre-autumn/winter 2014 collection.

Yet again, Fearne Cotton hasn’t disappointed with her red carpet choices. It’s high necked, it’s heavily embellished and most importantly, it’s vintage. The 1980’s Scaasi gown is absolutely beautiful and out of them all, if I could wear one it would without a doubt be this one! The dress itself is perfect in every way but I can’t help but think it would be better suited on a brunette, the contrast between the golden tones and her bleached hair isn’t doing it for me.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with my picks?


  1. I adore all of these! Wow that green dress is stunning.

  2. Lupita Nyong'o doesn't seem to be getting it wrong at all at the moment!

    Shan | Dimple to Dimple

  3. Lupita seems to be the new fashion darling on the scene. Agree with Shannon - she doesn't seem to get it very wrong at the moment!

    Olga looks exceptional - her figure really makes the outfit work. Perfect example of her wearing the dress with the dress not out-wearing her.

    Katie <3

    1. Her figure does look to die for, I couldn’t have put it better myself!x


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