The Best Of 2013 | Body

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▲ Everyday moisturiser - Johnsons baby oil
▲ Dry oil Spray - Sanctuary spa body moisture spray
▲ Shower gel - Soap & glory sugar crush body wash
▲ Body scrub - Soap & glory sugar crush scrub
▲ Bath oil - Burt’s bees lemon & vitamin e bath and body oil (my full review here)
▲ Tanning - Sunbeds (Definitely trying to cut down on using them this year!), Dove summer glow medium-dark
▲ Hand sanitiser  - The body shop coconut hand gel
▲ Body spray - H&M Cashmere body splash
Daytime perfume - Zara femme (my full review here)
▲ Night time perfume - Giorgio Armani Si (my full review here)
▲ Nails - Sensationail gel nails home starter kit

I’m not very experimental when it comes to buying different body products, but always love it when I receive them for Birthdays/ Christmas, especially when they come in a beautiful gift set! My ‘can’t live without’ body product has to be Johnson’s baby oil which I apply all over once I’m out of the shower and then dry it all off before dressing. It avoids that uncomfortable sticky feeling you get from an ordinary moisturiser, keeps my skin feeling so soft and it works wonders in prolonging a tan.. It’s such a cheap bargain staple product!

So I’m a bit of a tanning obsessive and after thinking the browner the better (in reality- the orange the better, or even green haha!) and religiously applying fake tan every other day and trying every single brand out there for around 5 years, I caved into sunbeds. I’m well aware of the dangers and realise they’re massively controversial and not particularly ‘accepted’ but I think if used in moderation and safely then there isn’t any harm done. I just love to have a natural glow all year around without the awful fake tan smell, stained tanned bed sheets and that unsightly patchiness when it starts to wear off. Saying this, I was quite recently recommended the Dove summer glow gradual tanner and I’m literally so surprised at how well it works! With just one layer it develops into such an even, natural, fairly dark tan and I haven't even notice any unevenness at all when it starts to wear off! I’ve got one layer of it on in my previous 'NYE look’ post if you want to see the results. It’s meant that I can go a few weeks without a sunbed yet maintain the healthy glow that I love so much!

I received the Sensationail gel nail starter kit for Christmas and it’s honestly so so amazing, I don’t know how I ever survived without it! I won’t say too much about it now as I’ll be posting a full review very soon!

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  1. I love soap & glory products, seriously can't get enough of them! Xx

    Jess | Jessica Charlotte

    1. I think they’re so reasonable for what they are too!x

  2. Lovely post!
    I'll look forward to your review on the Gel nails as I am thinking about buying the kit myself!
    Keeley's Wardrobe

    1. Aw thankyou:)! Ooo I’d definitely recommend it:)x


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