Origins Spot Remover

Origins Super Spot Remover - £14 

No man, nor woman should ever be without this little bottle of miracles! Firstly lets start with the ever so promising title on the packaging- ‘spot remover’. Not a spot gel, spot cream or spot healer.. but an actual spot remover! The name itself in my eyes made it well worthy of the £14 price tag and I can now confirm that it really does deserve it’s title. It actually works!

I was introduced to this whilst watching a ‘2013 beauty favourites’ video on YouTube, and I can’t for the life of me remember who’s it was else I’d have linked it because she really did sell it to me! I went out the following day to purchase it without any hesitations. Now I’m (gratefully) not one to really get spots and managed to avoid that spotty teenager phase, but when I do, oh how I know about it. They’re actual mounds deep beneath so many layers of skin that take days to even come to a head and to when I could even think about squeezing them. Gross to get into detail about this not-so-lovely topic, but what I’m getting at is those really painful spots that are huge lumps rather than spots, that up until now, have been impossible to treat with spot creams and gels.

By dabbing a tiny bit of this spot remover onto a spot mound (not too sure what to call the monstrosities) both morning and night and sometimes a few times during the day if I’m feeling extra hateful towards it, it actually made it reduce in size so much quicker than usual and reduced the pain almost instantly. It contains caffeine and red algae to relieve the redness and to prevent spots from leaving behind any scarring too, which is perfect as it’s a consequence I often forget about. As far as I know this is one of the only products aimed to target spots that haven’t come to a head yet, so that aren’t squeezable... and I’m quite surprised that it actually works! When it comes to using it on just your ordinary spot, the strong gel does its thing so quickly and made mine literally disappear within 36 hours! It does sting and tingle, a lot more than any other spot treatment I’ve used but I quite like that feeling as it’s an indicator that it’s actually doing something, and as it’s a gel it drys really quickly so you can apply concealer/makeup over it.

Although the bottle is quite tiny, you do only need to apply a small amount at a time so it’s going to last such a long time. I think the bottle is such a cute design too, it’s perfect for slipping in your handbag, and the fact that it doesn’t have an applicator stuck onto it makes it a lot more hygienic!

I don’t think it’ll be long before this little Origins bottle becomes a staple of everyones!
Have you given it a go yet?


  1. I've heard about this before and I love that it actually works!! xx

    Candy Cosmetics | UK Beauty Blog

  2. I have one of those lump spots at the moment and I could really do this now. I shall be going out and buying it tomorrow. You have sold it to me.



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