His & Hers Armani Fragrance Giftsets

Both from Fragrance Direct*

So as fussy as my boyfriend and I (mainly me!) may be when it comes to choosing fragrances, a few weeks ago we set ourselves a challenge to find his and hers matching sets that we both loved. A challenge that’s a lot harder than you would expect and resulted in us smelling almost every scent available for a good few hours!

I’ll start with Si which is the newest launch from Giorgio Armani, a beautiful zesty yet warming fragrance. The distinctive base notes of patchouli, vanilla, rose and earthy and woody aromatics give it an attractive longevity, whilst avoiding being too overpowering. I personally love this fragrance even more as the day goes on and I’ve found after a few spritzes in the morning, by the afternoon its developed into a delicious subdued, yet recognisable warming vanilla based scent with fruity notes of blackcurrant. Blackcurrant isn’t actually a listed note, but there’s something about it that really does remind me of warm Ribena (picturing it in a champagne glass here!)! Si has the perfect balance of fruitiness, sweetness and warming/creamy scents which make it such a distinctive sophisticated scent that makes a statement, yet isn’t too overwhelming.. it would be a perfect choice for Christmas!

If you’re looking for a new fragrance for the (or a) man in your life, then I’d say Acqua Di Gio is the direction to go in! My one hate of manly scents is that they can tend to be far too strong and hit the back of your throat, and when most men tend to bathe in it and soak themselves with multiple spritzes, hugs or cuddles can be a bit of a torturous and nauseous affair. As this cologne is quite a classic smell, it manages to avoid this. Described as the fragrance for men that’s the scent of freedom, full of wind and water, it imitates the sea air with spicy rosemary blended with jasmine and citrus notes. This is softened by a woody, warming base. I’d say this fragrance isn’t the most distinctive or original choice, but it's just a classic all-round, attractive and expensive smelling man scent, one that would make a really great present to men of all ages! 

As well as a generous 50ml fragrance in each you also get the matching scented body lotion and shower gel, presented in gorgeous luxurious ribbon effect boxes. These gift sets really do look as good as they smell!


  1. Love your thorough description of each! My BF will only stick to Paco Rabanne 1 Million... he's always worn it and won't change. Although now it's definitely become a smell that's homely and welcoming as it reminds me of him. Only occasionally awkward when I get the urge to hug men wearing it on the tube...

    Katie <3

    1. Haha it can sometimes be an annoyance when smells remind you of people!x

  2. I love the packaging of these fragrances they look so pretty!


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