Wonderland Wigs | Layered Flicked 3/4 Hairpiece


Big hair has always been my thing and I’m constantly searching and buying products to help me achieve the voluminous look I strive for. I mean who doesn’t want big bouncy Cheryl Cole-esque locks?! My otherwise naturally fine hair always needs that extra boost to get it the way I want, especially for nights out when I most definitely follow the ‘bigger is better’ rule. When I was contacted and asked if I’d like to be sent a hairpiece from Wonderland Wigs I couldn’t have been more delighted as the world of 3/4 wigs is a new territory that I was dying to enter! 

I chose the synthetic layered 3/4 flicked hairpiece as I love the idea of instantly adding layers and it seemed like such a nice in-between of the curly and straight styles. After sending over a few photos of my hair colour, the lovely helpful team at Wonderland Wigs matched my colour up and it dropped through my door a few days later! As I’m often slightly lightening/darkening my hair I was worried about the colour match, but the shade (brown auburn mix) actually contains all the tones my hair varies between so it really is the perfect match! If you’re looking to purchase but aren’t sure which shade to go for, just tweet them a close up image of your hair @wonderlandwigs and they’ll send you your colour match!

As you can see from the before and after photos, I decided to cut a few inches off of the hairpiece as I wanted it to be more of a realistic length so I could wear it more often. Saying this, it does look gorgeous when it’s longer too, so I may even purchase a second so I can have the option between lengths.

I initially had worries about synthetic hair looking fake and too glossy and shiny, but I’m so surprised at how real the texture of it looks! It’s nowhere near as glossy as a lot of synthetic hair I’ve seen before and my sister in fact thought it was my real hair that I’d just spent and incredibly long time on! I’m not sure these photos with the flash on actually do it justice, as without the bright light of the flash the texture is even more realistic. 

To put the hairpiece in, it literally takes a couple of minutes. I just part the front section of hair, clip up the back section as flat to my head as possible with a few kirby clips (which doesn’t need to be neat as it’s hidden) and then clip the hairpiece over. After backcombing my hair over the join, I then put a few more kirby clips through the hairpiece for extra security and then there’s noway it would budge throughout the whole night! This is literally a lazy girls dream (me, haha!) because it means you have an instant beautiful bouncy hairdo that looks as thought you’ve spent hours on it.. when in reality it took 2 minutes and no effort at all! I’m predicting that this hairpiece is going to become my best friend for nights out!

For the incredibly reasonable price of £25.99 I can see my hairpiece wardrobe expanding as Wonderland Wigs have so many other beautiful styles! Have you ventured into the world of 3/4 wigs and hairpieces?


  1. It looks beautiful! Very natural! My hair is so fine it drives me crazy.xxxx


    1. I’m so surprised at how natural it looks! Ah I can totally relate to that!xx

  2. Your hair looks amazing! I'm stunned they haven't snapped you up to model the product!! Did you just use one piece? - you can see I'm already pretty much sold!

    Katie <3

    1. Awhh, thankyou so much! Yeah it’s one piece, I should have included a photo of it! If you google it you’ll see what it looks like xx

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