Lightweight Fur Love

Fur Jacket- £34.99 H&M (Regent Street Store)

Come winter, my major weakness is fur. Anything furry, snuggly and cuddly then I just have to try it on and in this case, I absolutely had to make it mine. I spotted this furry delight in the white/gold label section (as I call it), it’s the collection in H&M that’s a bit pricier and is crammed with such beautiful eye-catching pieces. 

This jacket is of course no exception and if you could feel it you would most definitely agree! It’s incredibly soft and as it’s lightweight it’s great for layering; I’ve been wearing it over my trusty Primark polo necks quite a lot. It’s a welcomed alternative to the heavy fur coat that I already own and I can see it being a godsend come the not-so cold days and when running around London on the tubes!
Again, I’ve managed to find the perfect shade to coordinate with my beloved peach sundae Topshop lipstick.. I love this deep navy fur and peach lip combo!

This has got to be one of my favourite pieces of clothing I’ve bought in a while... you know when you just feel like something was made for you? Well this is it



  1. WOW. I think i need to purchase that fur jacket! I am in love with it! Looks amazing on you! xo

    1. Yess do itt! It’s feels soo nice to wear! Thankyou:)x

  2. This is gorgeous! I'm always so envious of those who can pull off this look with ease.

    Hmm maybe...


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