Countdown To Christmas In Style

The festivities have officially begun here at ZoeyInWonderland (yippppee!) and as the 1st December is quickly approaching, I think I can fully justify starting my stream of Christmassy posts!

Along with the 1st December comes all of my favourite things in life; It’s finally acceptable to have Christmas CD’s blaring out on repeat, snuggling with my boyfriend watching all of the best films ever (Elf is of course my favourite), and thats not even to mention the Christmas shopping, parties, adverts, baking, buying and receiving presents, Greggs festive bakes, winter wonderland, decorations and everyone just generally being in great loving moods! But there’s one symbolic thing that particularly marks the 1st and that’s opening the first window of an advert calendar!

Although I’m just as happy unveiling a cute christmassy Cadburys chocolate each morning, I can’t help but notice all of these incredible fashion and beauty advent calendars being released! An accessory/ beauty product a day- who wouldn’t want that?!

Screen shot 2013-11-17 at 15.10.43

How amazing do they all look?! My favourite has definitely got to be the Yankee Candle calendar as I’m such a huge fan of their candles and I think a scent a day is such a cute idea! It’s also really reasonable too, and is a great way to have a taster of all of their scents! Just think how delicious your house would smell by the 25th...

Second up would have to be the beauty calendar from Boots. Again, I think it’s really reasonable for what you get; featuring a variety of high street and higher end brands. Soap and glory, Juicy couture, Nails inc, Rimmel and Paco Rabanne are just a few of the well loved brands you can unveil each morning!

Obviously if you’re looking to splash out for an extra special month of December, no girl would turn down the Selfridges calendar.. although I could see myself loving every single one of the sample sizes and wanting to purchase the full sized products after! That could be rather dangerous and expensive territory!

What do you think of accessory/beauty advents? Do you have a favourite?


  1. I'm swaying towards the benefit one at the moment - although Selfridges sounds amazing! I still get excited over the prospect of a chocolate calendar. This is a whole other board game!

    Katie <3

  2. I love the idea of these candles but have never purchased one myself yet. I am looking at buying the Yankee candle one as it's such good value but if money wasn't a problem i would be buying the Benefit one!


    1. Yeah I cant believe how cheap the Yankee candle one is! Such a bargain x

  3. The boxing is all so perfect! Need the Ciaté ones!

    xo Mel
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Positivity

    1. I would just have to paint my nails a different colour every single day if I got that one! Definitely wouldn’t be able to resist haha!x

  4. Such great gift ideas
    S xx

    1. They really are, anyone with a winter birthday..!x


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