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It’s that time of the year again when everyone returns to schools, colleges and uni’s... but this time I’m left feeling bittersweet about my first EVER September in the big wide world after 22 years of educational stepping stones. A couple of hours ago, Scott Mills was chatting to freshers on Radio 1 who had just moved into their halls and it got me thinking of those tips I’d give to any fresher right at this moment.

I graduated from uni back in May earlier this year and although I feel like I’ve come so far in myself from being a little fresher and experienced SO many things, I do of course remember it as though it were yesterday. So if you’ve just become a fresher this may be of some help, or if you’re feeling equally nostalgic as I am then we can all cry in the corner together. Or not so.. because I’m not sure I’d want to relive that third year uni stress and 13 hour library days (third year is a whole new ball game)! Anyway, enjoy..

1. Move away, move out and move into halls! A fresh city/town, completely fresh new faces, and a newly found sense of freedom = genuinely just the most incredible time!

2. Relationships going into uni will NOT work. Something I regret trying, you’ve definitely got to give yourself this time alone to experience anything and everything and be that little bit selfish

3. You’ll only need to take £5 out with you on a night out (free entry, £1 drinks), which makes it totally acceptable to go out five days a week

4. You may as well cross your 9am lectures off your timetable, they’re almost impossible to get to 

5. Leave your cleanliness OCD behind (one that took me a lot of getting used to), it’s a complete waste of time even thinking/attempting to keep uni halls clean

6. Afternoon naps are a necessity, not a treat

7. Daytimes are write offs if you suffer with bad hangovers (my downfall), just make sure you’ve recovered in time for the following night

8. Predrinks (prinks) are normally the best bit of the night

9. Invite every flat in your halls to pre drinks, the more the better

10. Drinking games are the best way to break the ice at freshers, but will continue to amuse you throughout uni

11. In first year you’re paying for a year long party which is well worth every penny, but just remember to reach that 40% to pass

12. Whatever the Carnage theme may be, it’s always code word for ‘as little clothing as possible’, and be prepared to have your carnage top ripped open

13. Freshers ball doesn’t actually mean it’s a ball, leave your ball gowns and suits at home

14. Third year is a ridiculous amount of hard work, so enjoy and make the most of every single minute of the first year year-long party

15. A £3 bottle of wine is suddenly extremely appealing

16. Paying anything more than £1 for a single mixer/ standard night out jagerbomb is not okay

17. Attempting to hand in assignments a few minutes before the cut off point is the most stressful experience ever and not for the faint hearted

18. As much as you say you won’t, you’ll leave every assignment until the very last minute (a huge regret of mine!)

19. Your phonebook will become full of taxi numbers and local takeaways

20. All of your pretty stationary and notebooks that you stocked up on will never leave your drawer in first year

21. Realise that being a fresher you’ve got it easy, you’re practically a lady of leisure for the year

22. Any previous stererotypes are out of the window, you’re all just there for the same thing (have a good time and get a degree at the end of it)

23. Never leave without your camera, you’ll treasure the photos

24. Keep a plate and some cutlery in your bedroom, the rest will either literally disappear or they’ll be stacked high under last months mouldy remains

25. Vodka, water and cordial juice does NOT mean that you wont have a hangover the next day! (Rumour had it that it hydrated you as you drank it, so would therefore leave you hangover free the next day)

26. The freshers pranks you read about really do happen

27. Justifying ordering pizza by making it last you for at least half the week becomes a regular occurrence

28. Suddenly all of those club promo invites are all extremely welcomed

29. You’re only lying to yourself by going out and promising to yourself that you’ll finish your assignment ‘tomorrow’- it will never ever happen

30. Few days old/ weeks old, any mixer you can find left over in halls will do

31. Those few days at home every few months are so necessary, all of sudden home comforts and being mothered is all that you want

32. If a huge street party is ever organised, it WILL be the best day of your uni life

Final top tip: Knowing when to put your all in to your degree and work harder than ever before (work hard, play hard and all that). Not only will you then finish the three years with the most incredible and priceless memories, but you’ll graduate with a degree that you’re so proud of!

A few of my uni moments

I could probably have gone on forever with this list, but there are my top most treasured freshers tips! I’m sure if you’ve been a fresher before then you’ll be able to relate to so many of these! I’d love to hear what you think!

(Note: I didn’t spend my entire time at university partying, I did put A LOT of hard work in during second and third years to get the grade I am proud of and most of these tips do only apply to first year! Third year meant partying became a rarity and the library became my home! )


  1. Great tips! Unfortunately I'm in my final year so the library is becoming my home haha



  2. I'll be going to uni soon so the tips were great prep xx I love the photo collage, you all look so fashionable xx
    Much love


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