All White Wishlist

An all white outfit is this seasons hot combo and after the SS14 shows, there’s no debating that it is here to stay! I've already posted about my favourite catwalk of the season, Alexander Wang SS14 which presented gorgeous must-have white pieces, combo’s, co-ords and white patent heels. It seems as though white is the new black, and I’m absolutely thrilled!

When we’ve got cut-outs, sheer panelling, embossing and beautiful cuts and fabrics, there’s absolutely no need for colour, prints and patterns. Simplicity is key here.

I’ve come up with my current white wishlist, it’s all of course justified by the fact that it’ll be transferable from season to season!

1. Triangle necklace- £20 Topshop ‣ 2. Leather Tshirt- £80 Miss Selfridge ‣ 3. White stripe dress- £30 Choies ‣ 4. Kurt Geiger leather sandals- £140 Asos ‣ 5. Tailored trousers- £50 Topshop ‣ 6. Quilted A line skirt- £40 Topshop ‣ 7. Cut out hi-tops- £52 Topshop ‣ 8. Ovoid coat- £37 Choies ‣ 9. Mesh detailed top- £18 Boohoo

So happy that I’ve found this cropped ovoid coat (8) in white! I own a black one very similar to this, which you can see in my previous outfit post and it’s most definitely my go-to jacket, I pretty much live in it so it will be great to have a white alternative!

White hi-tops are another item I’ve lived in so these cut out ones instantly caught my eye! I think they’d look so cute with those socks with the little frills at the top and wearing different colours would completely change the look! Obviously they’d look amazing with bare feet too, and great for S/S (looking hopefully ahead here) to avoid hot feet!

I’m resisting the splurge and praying that these beautiful Kurt Geiger sandals will go into the sale, they just have to be mine! If that fails then maybe I’ll treat myself when Asos releases one of their amazing 20/25% off everything sales!

If this Choies midi dress (3) comes back into stock then it will be added to my wardrobe right away! I think it’s so gorgeous and understated and I love both the midi sleeves and cut. 

Are you loving all whites? What do you think of my picks, do you have any favourites? Apologies for not posting as often as I’d like to at the moment, I’m currently burning the candle at both ends work-wise, praying that it will all pay off! I hope you’re all well and thankyou to all of my new followers for following :)!


  1. love this! ive tagged you in my this or that post xx

    Cocopops Couture xx

    1. Thanks, and thankyou for the tag, I’ll check it out in a moment!x

  2. That leather tee is so on my wishlist
    S xx

    1. So gorgeous isn’t it! I just wish it was cheaper!x

  3. Oh wow those cut out high tops are gorge! I love them :D xxx


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