iPhone Attire


1- $19.99

2- £12.99

3- £12.95

4- £11.50

5- £15.29

6- £10.63

7- £9.99

I’m most definitely guilty of owning a whole wardrobe of cases for my beloved iPhone. It’s my most used possession (as I’m sure yours is too!) so I see nothing wrong with keeping it beautiful and adorned with my favourite trends/colours/patterns! I’ve gone through a fair few as they often tend to crack after being bounced across the pavement (oopsy), so it’s clear that a case is for sure a necessity, transferring my list of favourites from 'wants' to ‘needs’!

After spending an hour or two looking on google, eBay and etsy and getting extremely carried away, I’ve finally complied my top picks! There really is an endless amount to choose from out there, but I’ve realised I am actually quite fussy so these ones are the select special few that suited my fussy needs. I literally want every single one of them, but I think my very first purchase from this list will be number two, the cute Marc by Marc Jacobs dog!

The wooden case (number 5) is also so amazing with both the splash of neon and wood effect and is probably my close second favourite! If a wooden case is something you’re after then I’d definitely recommend for you to look on etsy, there’s so many with the option of being plain or with a huge variety of patterns.

I was so annoyed to see that the beautiful iridescent case was priced in dollars, probably meaning that the shipping will make it very pricey to purchase here in the UK (booooo!). I’m still on the look out for that perfect iridescent phone case to feed my love for the trend, so please do comment below if you’ve seen one about anywhere!

What do you think of my picks? Which one is your favourite?


  1. lol Cute! I'm so picky with phone cases, though! I have the hardest time choosing any case for my phone! Ugh. So annoying lol

    1. Yeah I’m the same, I think there are just far too many to choose from haha!x

  2. Fab choices! Will have to say the Marc by Marc Jacobs has been a fav lust for me too. Also love the pug because it's too cute and funny to look at. I'm a fan of cow print ATM so 6 too!

    Nice post!
    Jenna x

    1. The marc by marc jacobs is a must! Too cute!x

  3. These are so so cute! I really wish I had a nicer phone so I could have a cute case for it!

  4. That pug one is so cute! :)


    1. Isn’t it! There’s so many things with pugs faces on at the moment!x

  5. I have a black birds' nest iPhone case - I was obsessed with gossip girl and when I found out Serena's case would only cost me like a fiver I had to get it, haha!
    My best friend has the cutest Aztec case and another friend has a Cath Kidston one! I love how you can really see people's personalities through their phone cases, haha!
    Keep in touch :)

    1. Ageed! Especially as there is so many to choose from!x

  6. Love the Vogue and the Chanel glasses ones, going to hunt these down :)

    Lovely blog, would love you to follow mine back :)


    Frankie xXx

    1. I left the links for them both above! I’m just about to order the chanel one now too haha!x

  7. Yay, these are so cute! I need to get myself a new phone case, I've dropped my phone so many times that my case has broken. =(

    Corinne x

    1. I’ve gone through soo many because they’ve broken! But I’d much rather it be the case than my phone!x


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