Dreaming Big! #BudgetBucketList

When I set eyes on Money Supermarket’s bucket list competition this morning, I jumped at the chance to get involved! They’re inviting us bloggers to share a glimpse of our bucket lists, one scenario that can be ticked off within a small budget and one where there isn’t any budget restrictions- yes, we’ve been given the chance to dream of that never-ending money tree really existing!

Attempting to avoid the cliches (that my bucket list contains plenty of) such as ’travel the world’ (I don’t know a single person that wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to tick this off their list!), I’m delving deeper, picking out the two from my list that mean the very most to me.

Bucket list on a budget...

(Photographs taken by myself in NY, collage created by myself)

"To be a successful fashion publicist in the bright lights of New York!”

Okay, so I admit it doesn’t exactly sound like a budget option at first glance, but in fact this will not cost a penny, just a lot of hard work and determination! In terms of what is preventing me from doing this at the moment, it’s all down to experience in fashion PR, so earning the funds to pay for travel to internships, having that lucky break and then earning finances to make the big move over to NY!

Growing up, I was always one of those children that knew exactly where they want to go in life. Despite flitting between dreams of becoming an astronaut, to a zoologist throughout my younger years (haha, what an odd child I was!), as soon as I hit 15 and the world of Fashion PR was introduced to me those ideas were quickly put to bed!

Six years down the line and I’ve now just recently graduated with a 2.1 degree in Writing fashion and culture. From styling, buying, photography and PR to journalism, analytics, media law and merchandising- we learnt it all yet Fashion PR has still remained my ‘baby’. After completing an internship with the PR team at New Look headquarters, having various presentations from successful fashion publicists and researching further, my desire to begin a career in Fashion PR is stronger than ever before!

Combining my passion for fashion PR with New York, and ohmygodd I cannot even contain my excitement! After visiting NY last year for my 21st birthday it’s fair to say that I’m absolutely in love with the city to say the least! The signpost in my blog header is from a photograph that I took in NY, just to make sure I have that little piece of NY with me at all times! I know it’s massively cheesy to say, but I really felt as though I belonged there, the fast paced lifestyle literally gave me so much energy and enthusiasm!

I want to be the girl running around balancing four coffee’s in one hand, with a load of clothing samples draped over my arm, weaving my way through the crowds to my back to back meetings whilst working my way through a long to do list and being called up at any hour of the day. The possibilities of NY makes me want to graft harder than ever, and then work even harder once I’m there! Even writing this is getting me all farr too excited!

Ticking this off my bucket list would mean the world to me, it’s a lifestyle choice that would effect me everyday and something that I’m massively passionate about! I’d definitely feel as though I’d completed the largest of my ambitions.

If money was no object...

(created by myself)

“To have a YES month”

After reading on the money supermarket competition rules page ‘let your imagination run WILD’ and with money being no object for this one, I’m certainly not holding back!

Spurred from the film 'Yes man’, I thought wouldn’t it be absolutely incredible to have an entire month of saying YES! Yes to everything that came my way, be it big or small, anything that was offered and every opportunity without a single ‘no’ in sight. So this one would be appropriate for a mid-life crisis and boy could it take me anywhere, but how liberating! Perhaps I could bring it forward and introduce a quarter life crisis (that can be a thing, right?!), giving myself the craziest month of my life. 

I think what’s preventing me from doing this now is the lack of that unlimited platinum credit card, which of course would be interest free and wouldn’t ever have to be paid off by myself. After all, I have no idea what I’d be asked to do and the costs involved! What’s special with this specific wish from my bucket list is that it’s incredibly spontaneous, where I would end up and what I would end up doing would solely depend on those around me and what they’re asking me to do. I’m hoping I wouldn’t get into a mess as Jim Carrey did on the film, but hey- the unknown is part of the fun of it!

If I were to tick this off my list I’d not only feel so liberated and alive, but be left with such a positive outlook. Not to mention all the amazing experiences I would have had! Whether it’s a favour for someone or an invite to do something wild and fun, I think everyone needs to say ‘yes’ a little more often!

So there we have it, my budget and extravagant items from my very own bucket list! What do you think?! If you’d like to enter too then hop over to the money supermarket competition page where you’ll find all of the details. I’d also like to tag Megan from Thumbelina Lillie, Shradha from Shradha Loves and Melissa from Pretty Little Obsessions to join in with the competition! You’ll have to be quick though as the competition ends at midnight tonight!

Goodluck to everyone!


  1. Your Blog looks so pretty :)
    Very good work girl :)


  2. in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
    casper&pearl blog

  3. wow living in NY would be so amazing, I hope you manage to do it one day!

    ordaining serendipity

    1. Eeekk wouldn’t it just! Ah thankyou!x

  4. Just found your blog & i LOVE it! New follower :)


    Kerry X

  5. Your money is no object bucket list option is incredible :) such a fun idea!!
    I'm in love with New York too! Did you ever watch Gossip Girl? That would be the dream!
    You have a gorgeous blog! So glad I found it and am definitely following now :)
    Keep in touch!!

    1. Yeah, Gossip girl gets me so excited about it all! Aw thankyou, and thanks for following!x


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