Burt’s Bees Body Oil & Deep Pore Scrub

When I see ‘Burt’s Bees’ I instantly think of their amazing range of lip balms that no handbag should ever be without. I tend to forget that they now have quite an extensive range of products so I was so excited to try these two when they were very kindly sent to me! I’ve now been using them for the past 10 days, read on to find out what I thought... (new favourite body product alert!)

Burt’s Bees deep pore scrub- Fragrance Direct £8.99

I love that as with all of the Burt’s bees products, this scrub contains 100% natural ingredients, which is a must for me especially when it comes to facial products! The creamy product contains less exfoliating ‘pieces’ than those that I’ve used before, and they’re a lot larger which means it provides a really deep clean. After reading online, I’ve now discovered that the pieces in the product are in fact ground peach stone which I think is a really nice touch in comparison to the usual tiny beads you often find in scrubs. I’ve been using this once daily and despite having my reservations of it breaking me out, it has in fact done the complete opposite!

It’s left my skin feeling incredibly clean, my pores around my nose are now almost invisible and it’s surprisingly nourishing! It’s a good all round product and packed full of vitamins and minerals, it’s clear that it’s doing my face a lot of good! The only negative I have about this is the smell, although it’s natural and not overly over powering, it really doesn’t appeal to me! It smells exact like peach flavoured spring water, so perhaps I’m linking it to my dislike to that but when I get past this it really is such a lovely product.

When comparing it to St Ives apricot scrub, I’d definitely say that this comes out on top. I prefer the bigger pieces in this one and the formula of the cream is a lot more nourishing, yet isn’t as heavy so it leaves my skin feeling so soft and refreshed.

Burt’s Bees bath & body oil- Fragrance Direct £7.99

When it comes to moisturising, I’d always favour applying baby oil onto my damp skin after showering over and above reaching for any moisturiser. I do this every morning and tend to save my body butters for the odd pamper evening where I have little bit more time. Away with the moisturisers and in with the body oils I’d say! Anyway, this particular body oil got me excited. Could this be the product to pry me away from my beloved baby oil?!

In one word, YES! I’m absolutely amazed by just how good this is, I really do love it! It’s a multi-use product which is a bonus, so you can put it in your bath and/or apply it to damp skin after showering. I’ve been mainly using it as a body oil as I wanted to saviour every last drop and it seemed a shame to have to dilute it in bath water. Although I must say, just a few drops into your bath fills the bathroom with the most amazing smell!

With plant based oil and vitamins such as lemon, sweet almond and vitamin E it really does smell absolutely incredible, exactly like fresh lemon zest! It’s a strong smell but as it’s all natural ingredients it isn’t over powering or artificial/cheap smelling in the slightest. The consistency is a little bit thicker than baby oil, which makes it feel really luxurious yet it still seems to seep into my skin as quickly. Not only does my skin feel so moisturised, but it most definitely looks a lot more radiant since I’ve been using this! 

The only downside is the fairly small bottle (115ml) you get for your £7.99. Despite this, I love it that much that it will have to come a daily staple of mine, is it really sad that I look forward to applying it every morning?! Haha, it really does smell/feel that delicious!

Have you used any Burt’s Bees products before? I really couldn’t recommend the body oil (especially) enough! Using these has definitely urged me to try out more from their range so watch this space!


  1. Ooh this sounds wonderful! I always hear such great things about the Burts Bees products.

    1. Ah really?! I need to read up on some of their other products!x

  2. I love Burts Bees but I havent tried these yet. I might pick one up soon. How does the scrub compare to the St.Ives Apricot Scrub?


  3. I've never looked outside of their lip balms before either... that scrub looks amazing! Great pictures on this post too :)


  4. I have tried this brand but I think I should :)
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    1. Yeah I’d highly recommend trying it!x

  5. I'm not big on grainy scrubs but that Bath oil sounds lovely!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Ambi xx

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    1. I think they’re so good, especially once in a while just to leave your face feeling soft and refreshed!x

  6. Ohh I really want to try this scrub next! totally missed this post some how xxx

  7. I love your writing style, it's almost poetic! I enjoy reading it very much, probably because you describe thoughts which I share with you :)

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