Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise With Elizabeth Arden

I jumped at the chance when the lovely PR team from contacted me asking if I’d like to review some products from their site. After a long browse through I decided on an Elizabeth Arden cleanser, toner and moisturiser, as I thought it would be a great opportunity to use the three steps from the same brand. (note: although these products were gifted, these are all my own honest views.)

Firstly, the cleanser. It’s £10.50 for 125ml (usually £29.00), but because of the thick consistency a very small amount really does go a long way, so it is worth the splurge even when it is full price. It has such a luxurious feel which produces a thick lather, making it easy to work into your face.

After using it after a night out I was so surprised at just how much of my makeup it removed, quite a thick layer of foundation had completely dissolved, leaving my face feeling clean yet soft. I’d definitely go for a cream cleanser again because not only does it remove impurities, but it leaves your face feeling soft and nourished and even as though its already been moisturised. I was surprised to see this wasn’t too ‘heavy' for my combination skin and once washed off it thankfully doesn’t leave behind any oily residue!

The clarifying toner is just £10.50 for 200ml (usually £23.00). Before shaking, the product settles into two halves, showing a thicker substance on the bottom and a clearer substance at the top of the bottle, which shows the dual-phase system. Phase one contains botanical extracts to gently cleanse and purify your skin. Phase two contains ceramide to soothe and calm your skin to leave it feeling revitalised, refreshed, soft and clear.

It does have a fairly strong alcohol smell to it which did put me off a little, but then again I’m used to using natural and seaweed toners so I’d imagine the difference in smell was a lot more noticeable to me. Although I am blessed with clear-ish skin (for the majority of the time anyway!), I have noticed that my t-zone areas haven’t had their usual breakouts since using this for the past two and a half weeks (morning and night)- it appears to be working wonders so I’m more than happy to live with the slight smell of alcohol whilst applying it! Again, just as the cleanser, it feels like a really luxurious product and as you can see from the photo above, I’ve only used about a quarter of the bottle within two and a half weeks, so you definitely get more than your moneys worth!

You can buy the matte moisture lotion for £14.99 (usually £26.00) for 50ml. I opted for this oil free lotion to keep my combination skin under control and help prevent my t-zone from getting shiny. The cream itself is quite a thin constancy which isn’t that moisturising so if you need that extra moisture I've found it great to use after the moisturising cleanser, giving you the best of both worlds. Moisturised skin, yet a shine free t-zone all day (practically a miracle) and it’s also a great base for under makeup as I’ve found all of my foundations have stayed put for a lot longer and the coverage has remained even. When using alone, although with it being oil free it isn’t massively moisturising, it doesn’t have a drying effect in the slightest (which I’ve found with most matte oil free moisturisers) and leaves my face feeling fresh and looking clear.

Overall these products are extremely complimentary to each other and are an amazing three step regime for daily use. I’d highly recommend the oil free lotion to anyone with combination, or even oily skin, and the cleanser and toner to almost all skin types! 


  1. Really great review! I'll have to get these, I have for a while considered getting them but never really did it because the price put me off.

    Christina xx

    1. They aren’t too bad with all of the discount! I’d highly recommend them!x

  2. Love the review
    May go get these once my clarins has finished
    S xx

  3. elizabeth arden are such a great brand.
    i have one of their lipsticks and i love it.

    Brigitte // BlogLovin' | Blog | Facebook | Twitter


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