A Little Pot Of Miracles- Mint Julips

I’ve featured this a fair few times in previous monthly favourites and posts, but whilst repurchasing it for the 2nd time yesterday I came to the realisation that it was more than worthy of a full review! No girl (or boy!) should be without this little pot of miracles! Sounding a little bit cheesy there, but nobody likes to be greeted with dry, crackled lips with excess skin flaking off and causing an unsightly mess through a lipstick. We’ve all been there, and the Mac lipsticks that I continuously wear seem to dry my lips right out (do they have this effect on anyone else?!) yet I still can’t to go a day without my beloved shygirl shade. I’m a big lover of lipsalves too (the body shops vitamin e being my favourite), but whilst they help to nourish my lips, I always seem to need that extra helping hand in achieving soft, flake free lips. 
Que Mint Julips ...

You can purchase the mint julips for £5.25 from Lush and you get a generous amount that lasts for a fair few months. To use, you simply pop your finger in and scrub the exfoliating sugar particles onto your lips- the bonus being that you get to lick the excess off! I did have my reservations... but it actually tastes SO good, exactly like mint choc' chip and is really refreshing. They also do two other flavours; popcorn and bubble gum, but after trying them all I opted for the Mint as it leaves your lips feeling so fresh and tingly afterwards!

I wouldn’t be without this now, gone are the days of exfoliating my lips on a towel, this not only exfoliates them but the ingredients leaves them feeling soft, supple and nourished! A handbag necessity for sure.


  1. I love these lip scrubs - they seriously last so long and are amazing!

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

    1. I’m so surprised at how long they last!x

  2. As if I've never tried this!! HAVE to pick it up.

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

  3. Think I'll be buying this next time in near a Lush :)
    Jessica xx

  4. Lush lip scrubs are great! I love the bubblegum one :) xx


  5. definitely need to try this
    S xx


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