Holiday Style Diary #4: Sports Luxe

Baseball top- £12.99 H&M (in store) ‣ Denim shorts- £22.99 now £15.99 Zara ‣ Hi tops- £25.00 H&M (in store) ‣ Grab bag- £25.00 Asos (out of stock) ‣ Sunglasses- £12.99 Tk Maxx

I compiled a sports luxe look in a previous post a while back now, and was so thrilled when LOOK magazine featured it as their look of the day! Although I absolutely love dressing up and wearing one of my favourite combos’ of the moment; printed trousers and my beautiful box-cut Topshop jacket♡ (A post to come soon!), I do love a sports luxe look to feel more casual and comfortable. This baseball style top is made from such a lovely light and soft fabric which together with its baggy fit made it great to wear on holiday to keep me cool. Well as cool as I was going to be in a 29c heat, not that I’m complaining! 

Although these Zara shorts went into the sale just a few weeks after I purchased them (don’t you hate it when that happens?!) I’m not too gutted as I have had an awful lot of wear out of them and to my surprise I’ve even been able to wear them back home here! I particularly love the cut and fit of these as although they’re short, they’re a little bit less fitted than your average pair of denim shorts so avoid that ‘hotpant’ clingy look.

The grab bag was just the right size for taking our (mine and my boyfriends) essentials out whilst exploring Mallorca (markets, day trips, lunches etc) and has handy compartments inside and an additional shoulder strap. I just love the ‘vintagey' look of it. 

I must admit I wear these hi tops so often that they may as well be sprayed onto my feet. I’m ashamed to say it, but I even repurchased a second pair exactly the same out of fear that they may wear out and I’d be left without them! They feel as though they were made for my feet- even my numerous pairs of converse have been shoved to the back of my wardrobe. I just love that they’re slim fitting and a lot less clumpy, they’re SO comfortable and that they pretty much go with everything.

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, please link below if you have any holiday style/ Summer style posts- I’d love to have a nosey!


  1. Loving this causal top!!
    S xx

  2. You look absolutely sensational. I love the bag you have paired it with, it’s so cool. Love the blog too xxx

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  4. Love this look!

  5. Great outfit :)

  6. looking lovely in this simple outfit <3
    that stripe top is pretty nice!:)

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  7. You are so beautiful!! You have amazing style! I love him! :)

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  8. Super cute, love this look!


  9. I just love the shorts fabric and color.Looking good..


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