Holiday Style Diary #2: A splash of neon

Vest- £4 (sale) Boohoo  Bermuda shorts- £25.99 Zara ‣ Bikini- £16.00 (in store) H&M ‣ Asymmetric sandals- £22.99 Zara ‣ Studded leopard print clutch- £40 (bought in sale) Zara ‣ Necklace- £2.00 Primark ‣ Ray-Bans- £175.00 Sunglass hut

Praise for neon! I absolutely love a neon bikini, especially when I first arrived on holiday and it made me look as though I had quite a deep tan already! By the end of my holiday the contrast between that and my skin colour made me look soo dark, which can never be a bad thing! It’s no secret that I am a bit of a tanaholic. This one is such a lovely textured fabric, you can see it up closer here on one of my previous posts.

These lime green asymmetric Zara beauts haven’t left my feet since I purchased them! They are just so comfy and flattering (is this possible?!) and fit really well on my extremely thin feet, which is a rarity. I love how they bring a colour pop to any outfit and look equally as good when colour clashing them with bold colours. The only downside is that towards the end of my holiday I noticed they’d faded quite a lot and they’re now a lemony colour which is noway near as attractive as their original neon lime green. To be fair I did leave them out in the scorching hot sun most days on the beach, but I am still so disappointed so will be repurchasing them as soon as I can!

I featured the pony fur leopard print clutch in a previous outfit post too, and although it’s no longer available in Zara it’s definitely worth a look on eBay as I’ve seen a fair few recent listings. I love a good statement necklace and am always looking out for new ones to add to my vast collection. Primark are so hit and miss especially when it comes to jewellery, so I was pleased when I snapped this up for a mere £2! 

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  1. You look absolutely amazing.
    So jealous.

    Kelly ||

  2. i love the neon bikini trick to make you browner :)


  3. lovely blog :)

  4. beautiful! you look insane! love your blog :) new follower x

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous hun! <3 I am in love with every bit of your outfit, your style is fab! :)) LOVE your blog as well!

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  6. I love your outfit! you look great!:) xxx

  7. Love that top
    Such a lovely print
    S xx


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