Clutch Me

1) Zara £19.99

2) Zara £15.99

3) NewLook £9.99

4) Bershka £15.99

5) Bershka £14.99

6) Warehouse £32.00

7) Bershka £39.99

8) Zara £39.99

9) Asos £35.00

Clutch bags are by far my favourite accessory, come day or night they’re the perfect way to inject colour, pattern and personality into an outfit. I’ve compiled a list of my absolute favourite clutches; they’re all oversized as I love a bag to be the focus of an outfit... the bigger the better!

I’m aware that the beautiful iridescent Zara messenger bag (LOVE) isn’t exactly a clutch, but I just couldn’t leave it off the list- I’m literally like a magpie when it comes to iridescent clothes and accessories! The other Zara clutch (the bright orange one) holds its shape amazingly and would look great with a brightly coloured clashing outfit, it’s so reasonable too! 

The transparent studded clutch from New Look is such a bargain and I’ve just recently bought smaller colour pop pouches that would look great inside. Thats what I love most about the perspex trend, any transparent bag becomes such a good investment as you can swap around with inserts to make it work with each outfit. It’s like you’ve got a new bag each time!

I think each of these clutch bags are just as amazing as the next and just like most things, you can really never have too many! I’ve noticed there’s a bit of a tribal/neon theme going on, which are both two of my favourite trends at the moment! The little ‘blog your dreams’ bag from Bershka just had to make it onto the list, although I probably wouldn’t use it as a clutch bag (more of a makeup/toiletry bag), it’s just so cute and relevant!

Bags with straps are a big no-no for me on a night out, I could never ever venture out without a trusty clutch propped under my arm. I think it must be a comfort thing and a ‘fear’ of not having anything to do with either of my arms?! (Haha, granted I described that awfully, but I know most of you will be able to relate to this!)


  1. These are all so pretty especially number 2 the colour and style is so attractive xo

  2. These are all really great! I love that fringe clutch.

  3. love the picks! agree with you that clutches are really comfy!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

    1. Haha I’m glad someone knew what I meant! Thankyou :) x

  4. That iridescent bag is gorgeous, I need it!
    Megan xxx

    1. So do I, son in love with it! I saw it in Zara yesterday, it looks even better in real life!x

  5. I'm still really wanting an iridescent bag for holiday! And I spotted the Bershka bag yesterday whilst doing some online (window) shopping & fell a little bit in love with it.. xxx

    1. It’s such a lovely huge size too! x

  6. I've been looking for a Iridescent clutch so this has really helped!
    Hope it isn't too big being a messenger bag!
    S xx


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