Shiny, Long, HEALTHY Hair

As of about a month ago, I’d always favoured how my hair looks over and beyond how healthy it actually was. Straightening, curling, dying, putting it in rollers, backcombing- we’re all guilty of it and I personally definitely don’t want to compromise the style of my hair. So when my hairdresser highlighted the importance of using the right shampoo and conditioners with the right ingredients, I started to do my research into brands.

Walking along the haircare aisle in Boots picking up any packaging or special offer that catches my eye is now 100% a thing of the past!

The Oilo di Argan shampoo and conditioners obviously contain argan oil, as well as wheat protein that helps strengthen and promote growth. They’re described to ‘Deeply restructure hair, protect hair from external agents, softens and nourishes, performs an anti-frizz action and protects against humidity, gives extreme shine to natural reflections.”

I actually managed to pick these up in Tx Maxx (if you’ve been following then you’ll know my love for that place!) for an absolute bargain at just £5.99 each! I’ve been using them every time I wash my hair (about 3 times a week) for the past 3 weeks now and I honestly can’t believe the difference! As I have quite fine hair I opted for the reinforcing extra volume shampoo and conditioner and its already noticeably bouncier and healthier.

Upon application, I was surprised at just how little shampoo you have to use as the smallest amount foams and lathers up a considerable amount. Once rinsed off it leaves my hair and scalp feeling incredibly clean (much more so than any other that I’ve used!), so clean that as you run your fingers through it it squeaks haha! Yet it hasn’t dried it out in the slightest, which is normally the case with deep cleaning products.

The conditioner has a handy pump but as it’s so watery it is really hard to apply without it just slipping straight through your fingers, which is a bit of an annoying downside but the results are worth it. When I first used it I thought there was no way the watery consistency would condition my hair and I still have no idea how it does- but it really does work. It doesn’t weight your hair down whatsoever either (even my fine hair) yet leaves it incredibly soft which is usually a huge deal breaker as there is nothing worse than hair so conditioned that it verges on looking and feeling greasy!

Combined they have everything you could ever wish for from a shampoo and conditioner and I couldn’t recommend them enough, especially to those of you with fine hair. I’m looking forward to see if they do actually help with the growth of my hair too, so I’ll be sure to report back if I turn into Rapunzel over the next few weeks (fingers and toes crossed!).

There were still so many on the shelves when I went back to Tk Maxx to pick up some more, so it’s worth having a look in there if you’re after trying it! I’ve found it so hard to find UK sites that stock it, my googling skills have failed me but I have seen a fair few listings on eBay. It’s also worth knowing that there a few variations in the packaging, but as long as it’s by Argan then it should be the same product!


  1. I saw them at TK Maxx, next time I will definitely pick them up!! My hair need some TLC :)
    Lovely post and blog :)
    I m your new follower :) Love x x Martha <3

    ♥ ♥ '' Think Pink | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog " ♥ ♥

    1. Aw thankyou, and thankyou for following:)!x

  2. Need to try this!!
    S xx

  3. Thanks for this Zoey - I'm looking for a new shampoo and conditioner!
    Megan xxx

    1. You should definitely give this a go!x

  4. Great post, will definitely be having a look next time I am in TK!
    Emily xxx

    1. Thanks! I’ve heard from a few people that they’re in most branches so hopefully they’ll have some!x


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