Iridescent Mermaid Nails

The iridescent trend is something I’ll never get enough of! Although I’m definitely not a glitter girl, show the sparkles to me in an iridescent form and I’d have an entire outfit made out of it if I could! See my previous iridescent post for SS13 catwalk inspiration.

This neon bling it on set from Nails Inc allows you to create salon results in the comfort of your own home and I was really surprised at just how easy it is. It comes complete with a floral street polish, a bottle of pink and blue glitter, a tray for easy fuss free application, a brush and a caviar topcoat which ensures your nail art lasts. At first I followed the instructions on the back of the pack, applying the glitter all over to create a burst of glitter (the first image). I love how the neon flecks catch the light and create an all over iridescent effect!

I then went on and experimented further as I tend to favour subtle designs for everyday wear. After applying the white base coat I sprinkled on the tiniest amount of glitter, you can see the results in the second and third images above. It reminds me of a speckled duck egg and it’s so pretty as it catches the light.

The Nails Inc set is available from for £20, it would make for the perfect gift for a girly girl!

(product was gifted from lookfantastic) 


  1. Oooo, love this. The more subtle effect is gorgeous, perfect for everyday but still a little bit different :)


    1. Yeah I definitely prefer the subtler design too!xx

  2. Love this! I like the top one the best but the other ones are so pretty also!

  3. They are soo pretty!
    Jessica xx

  4. Your nails look amazing
    S xx


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