Ascel Lip Mask

Lusting over full, plump and lighter lips? So am I! I’m not brave enough to get lip fillers, nor am I after the permanent duck face expression but anything I can try at home to give my lips that helping hand is more than welcomed! 

This Ascel gel lipmask is available from and be bought for £6.95 for one mask or £19.95 for a pack of four.

Lighter lip tone
Fuller, plump lips
Conditions the lips and repairs dryness
Reusable (up to two weeks)

I must admit that I was a little bit sceptical and thought it could be slightly gimmicky when reading through the list of benefits, promising to make your lips moist, plumper and brighter within 20 minutes of applying the mask. I really didn’t think results such as those could be achieved pain free without multiple injections and fillers, so was extremely excited to try it!

After peeling the rubbery feeling mask off the backing and running it under cold water it was good to go. It was quite hard to stay completely covering my lips so I found laying down for the 20 minutes was the best way to keep in in place. In hindsight it is a bit of a fuss, but if you use it whilst in the bath or whilst relaxing then there’s no need for it to take up time. It felt refreshing with a slight tingly sensation, which reassured me it was doing something! 

After just the first application I noticed a definite improvement in my lips, they were a lot softer and the bits of skin that were previously bumpy just peeled off with ease. As I usually suffer from quite dry and chapped lips (I think it’s all the lipstick I wear?!) this alone was a big bonus. 

I’ve now used the mask daily for the past week and I’m literally so surprised at the results. I’m a Mac shygirl obsessive, I usually won’t go anywhere without a nude-ish toned lipstick applied because my lips are naturally really highly pigmented- but this has changed that! My lips colour is now noticeably A LOT lighter which I absolutely love. Immediately after application my lips feel so full and I found myself having a natural pout, this does start to slightly wear off as time goes by but if you use it twice daily or before a night out then it’s ideal. 

Personally I’ve found that the main benefits of using this mask on a daily basis is the huge improvement  in the condition of my lips and how it’s lightened my lip colour. I also love the pouty feeling it gives me, it gets quite addictive! For a mere £6.95 for one that enables you to use it again and again, I’d definitely say it’s more than worth the money! It will be saving me a lot in nude lipsticks that’s for sure!

Zoey xo


  1. I've never heard of this but it sounds amazing! I too really love the look of full, pouty lips- who doesn't!? But not heading for fillers so this sounds like a fab alternative! X

    1. I’ve never seen anything else like it!xx

  2. Never seen a product like this before but looks like such a good idea.


  3. This is such a different product. I hate needles so it definitely sounds good to me!
    Megan xxx

    1. Ah same, the biggest wimp when it comes to them!xx

  4. Replies
    1. I found that if I used 20minutes whilst I was in the bath or relaxing of an evening then it was no problem or effort at all!xx

  5. I love this Zoey! I'm going to try it out, buying some now haha! Thanks for this post xx

  6. Wow, great product! Great post!! :*


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