Rainymood | Bedtime Perfection!

Snuggled up inside fresh bed sheets, heating set at an acceptable 20c, no alarm set for the morning and perhaps accompanied by that all important big spoon... but what’s missing? ☂ Rain. I bet you can all agree that there really isn’t anything more comforting than the sound of rain tapping against your window whilst you’re all cosied up inside.

We all know that the English weather does exactly what it wants, when it wants (see example out of your window- what is this ‘Spring’?!) but we no longer have to rely on it!

Rainymood.com plays a never ending recording of rain and at some points, a light storm. I’ve got to admit that after discovering it a couple of weeks ago, I’m now a little addicted to it and have it playing all night on my iPhone. When on a low volume, it really is just so realistic and instantly relaxing. Luckily my boyfriend agrees and I haven’t yet been faced with an awkward moment of having to share a room with another person.. I’m guessing they’d think I was slightly odd haha and I can appreciate it’s not for everyone.

As well as listening to it for relaxation purposes, there’s a lot on the internet about people using it to get their young children to sleep, as well as it being extremely beneficial to those with tinnitus. I’ve also read many positive accounts from people who previously suffered with sleep deprivation who’s lives have vastly improved since discovering it.

If you struggle with relaxing and getting to sleep, or just simply love the sound of the rain as I do, I’d really urge you to give this a go!

Zoey xo


  1. I'll definately give this a try, I love the sound of rain when I'm cosy in bed! x


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