Mothers Day Gift Ideas ✿

Mothers day. Perhaps some would describe it as a ridiculous commercialised day where businesses are out to drain our pennies. I can’t deny that it’s commercialised, but I think it’s such a cute day to remind our mums just how special they are; they are the reason we’re here after all! My parents are always giving to me, so I for one see nothing wrong in spoiling her a little and with all of these beautiful themed gifts around, there really is no excuse not to!

Alongside Uni, I’m a brand ambassador (promo girl) and have worked for over 30 different brands. From anything such as food/drink, to sports, to beauty brands, it’s extremely diverse and each job is completely different to the next. I love it! For the past two Saturdays I’ve been working in my local Boots as a Lynx girl. With mothers day being just a week away, they've had plenty of huge promotions and gift set ideas. I’ve also had men approach me and ask what I recommend for their mums, so it’s urged me to do a themed gift idea post!

If I haven’t got a specific gift idea in mind, then I find that looking in department stores such as John Lewis and Debenhams is always a good start. As are beauty and cosmetics stores such as Boots, because you definitely cannot go wrong with a pamper set. What mum doesn’t want to be pampered!? If I know there's something specific that she wants (clothing, shoes, ect) then I think it’s nice to add a little cute mothers day themed gift to go alongside.

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1. Mumpkin bath bomb, £2.75 from Lush 
Lush is a firm favourite amongst everyone, especially when it comes to their bath bombs. I don’t think you can go wrong with this cute little fruity creature. With it’s adorable ‘Mumpkin’ name, it avoids the cliche mothers day themed gifts.

2. Estee Lauder beautiful eyes: advanced night repair set, £37.80 from Debenhams
My mum is big on night creams. They’re a lot easier to buy than day creams as you don’t have to know their specific skin type, and the Estee Lauder packaging is so luxurious and beautiful. 

3. Heart side plate set of four, £14 from Next
Hearts obviously have their symbolic reasons, but I thought I think it would be such a cute idea so give mum breakfast in bed on one of these plates. Whether her favourite be continental, full english or fresh fruit, you’ve put the effort in to make it and she has a beautiful set of plates to keep!

4. Cocoa loco milk chocolate flower pot, £6 from John Lewis
This is something a little different to a box of chocolates and what women doesn’t like chocolates?! As it’s 3D, I think this would also work really well as a cake topper, on top of a homemade cake. 

5. Neon cocooning three wick candle, £39.50 from Selfridges 
I believe every women needs a neon candle beside their bath! The packaging is simple, yet feminine and they smell absolutely divine.

6. Sanctuary spa deluxe hamper, £19 from Boots
Reduced from £40, it’s an absolute bargain. It contains full sized, good quality products for head to toe pampering. I personally love the smell of Sanctuary products too and they’re left my skin amazingly soft.

7. Pocket posh crosswords, £4.79 from Debenhams
I know that some people buy mothers day gifts for their nans too, so this would make the perfect gift! 

8. The hummingbird bakery cookbook, £10.87 from John Lewis
I think that a lot of you would agree that the hummingbird bakery sells the most amazing cakes ever! The carrot cake recipe from this cookbook is my personal favourite. A good idea could be to make a cake/cupcakes using one of the recipes and then giving it along with this book. 

9. Ribbed bud vase set of three, £25 from The white company
You cannot go wrong with flowers for mothers day. As a bit of change, you could buy this set of vases and pick your own flowers to go in them. They’re just such a beautiful shape and would make such a personal, thoughtful gift. 

So there we have it, nine of my mothers day gift ideas. I’ve tried to think out of the box a little and I really think that making/baking something yourself along with one of these is a great way to make it personal and show that you’ve put effort and thought into it. 

I’ve realised that this is probably my first post that has content that males may want to read and find handy! I wonder how many males have/are actually reading this? I’d be so interested to know!

Zoey xo


  1. I think a cookbook is a great idea! My mum loves baking and I love the Hummingbird bakery ;)

    The Style Rawr!

    1. haha, exactly! I wouldn’t complain if my mum starting regularly baking humming bird bakery cakes!x

  2. hi dear! i just found your blog and i love it! great post! would you like to follow each other?

    1. thankyou! I’ll check yours out in a moment x

  3. great gift guide :) I'm shopping tomorrow so this has given me some good ideas :)

    B x

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