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Topshop’s Acid wash mom jeans are the talking point of their 'new in this week' collection. They’re promising to be this seasons BIG thing. At first glance I thought they were a step too far and that I’d been transported back to a cheesy film back in the early 90’s.

Their relaxed, yet high waisted fit seems like a fail-safe combination and along with the rolled up ankles I actually think they really work. Pulling you in at the smallest part so refraining from making you look shapeless and 2 stone larger than you actually are, yet remaining comfy. I can only think about how many extra mouthfuls of dinner I’d be able to fit in without that awful unwanted feeling-as though-you’re-going-to-pop-out-of-your-jeans sensation. 

I see these Mom jeans as being an extremely welcomed change from the obvious tight fitting skinnies, I’m often one to opt for a casual alternative so these will be a perfect addition to mix things up.

Here’s an example of how I’d style them (anyone willing to buy me this entire outfit haha?!) IN LOVE: 

• Acid wash mom jeans- £40 Topshop • Crop top- £22 Topshop • Stud lock belt- £12 Topshop • See by Chloé leather roll over clutch- £255 Dressipi • Heavy sole sandals- £60 Topshop 

I’m off back home today for three weeks (yayyy!) so as she was tiny too, I’ll be asking my mum what she has lying around.. She’s one of those that never throws anything away so hopefully I'll be in luck. Free additions to your wardrobe that are bang on trend, how can we complain about that one?! I definitely won’t be able to resist buying these acid wash beauties from Topshop either.

Yet again I’ve created an outfit that’s left me wanting to purchase the entire thing, why do I do this to myself?! Owww.

I think they’re a love/hate item.. which side are you on?

Zoey x


  1. I have some acid wash high-waisted Levi's! I'll have to dig them back out some time soon as they're similar to these topshop ones!

    Love those sandals too, they're perfect!

    Amy xxx

  2. I'm definitely going to have to try find a good pair of 'Mom' jeans, every pair I've tried are to big for my 5-foot self!
    Megan xxx

    1. Hopefully they’ll have them in petites!xx

  3. Ive been looking for some nice boyfriend jeans for a while now !!


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