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When I enter boots I’m always like a child in a candy store. As I was previously satisfied with my makeup routine, I’m just drawn to brands that are on offer and attractive packaging, anything that stands out to add to my collection. Last week in Boots, the whole of the Une cosmetics brand was on sale with a massive 50% off the original price. I love their clean packaging and the fact that they contain 100% natural ingredients so I couldn’t resist buying a few products. After trying all of them out, I’d go as far as saying that Une cosmetics has become my favourite makeup brand, nearly the whole of my makeup bag is now Une cosmetics.

I’ve just checked back at the Boots website to add the product links & have seen that they’re not in stock, but now have 75% off in stores- amazing! I’m definitely going to be stocking up later on today! There’s also a fair few online stocklists if you aren’t near a Boots.

Lip products- around £3.50 after the discount ᄋ Skin glow foundation- around £7.50 after discount ᄋ Healthy glow mineral bronzer- around £7.00 after discount ᄋ Breezy cheeks blush- around £5.00 after discount 

Product swatches 

 These photographs are showing me wearing the skin glow foundation in G11, the sheer lip balm in S08 on the left, and the lip toned colour in L23 on the right.

Skin glow foundation in shade G11
I’ve been looking for a foundation that achieves this glowy, duey and natural look for absolutely ages- Thanks to Une cosmetics I finally have my perfect daytime foundation! It's described as, '100% radiant complexion. Light yet moisturising for a boost of radiance. Luminous shades which perfectly match your skintone. 100% natural lotus flower fragrance and 98.2% of the ingredients are from a natural origin.' It’s a light coverage, but can be built up if necessary over those problem areas. I love how it looks as though you’re bare faced yet leaves my skin looking evenly toned and radiant and you literally need to apply the smallest of amounts. The only thing I’d say is that as I opted for the darkest shade they offer, it’s not for those with a darker skintone. As I’m tanned I got around this by mixing a few drops of my dark Soap and glory foundation, which works amazingly and achieves the perfect colour match. As well as it lasting all day, it appears to balance out my combination skin. I really cannot find fault in this product!

ᄋHealthy glow mineral powder bronzer in shade H07
This mineral powder is described as, ‘100% boosted complexion. A mineral face powder to enhance the complexions natural colour. Fresh, glowing and bronzing shades. 99.5% natural ingredients.’ This is a great dark bronzer that hasn’t got an orangey tinge, yet avoids looking muddy so is great for tanned skin. It’s also so easy to apply for an even result, has great warming tones and smells delicious! As well as loving the product, the packaging looks good and the huge mirror on the front means thats it’s highly practical. 

ᄋ Breezy cheeks blush in shade B02
The texture of this product is like no other that I’ve felt before. It’s a mixture between and cream and a powder which means when using your fingers, application is incredibly easy. It’s also really easy to achieve even results. I think this shade in particular would be more suitable for lighter skin tones, as it’s a beautiful warming light pink. I’ve also been doubling this up as a lip product too and the cute mirrored packaging is also very practical.

ᄋ Lip toned colour in shade L23
This lipstick contains 100% natural ingredients, which as with all cosmetics, is always a huge bonus. It doesn’t dry out my lips at all and works just as well as a lip balm, whilst being highly pigmented. As you can see in the photograph (the one of me on the right), It’s a coral/red shade which I absolutely love! It’s a lovely thick consistency so there’s no need to apply multiple layers like I’ve had to with other brands. I’d go as far as saying I like the texture of this just as much as my cremesheen mac lipsticks and as it’s a quarter of the price that’s absolutely amazing!

ᄋSheer lips balm in shade S08
Again, this lip product contains 100% natural ingredients. I’ve never been a fan of post box red lipstick shades so this berry red shade is perfect for me. In the photo of me and on the swatch I’ve only applied a couple of layers, as it’s highly pigmented yet still remains to have to sheer finish. I’ve found this is really wearable for daytime and is a change from my usual Mac Shygirl nude lipstick. 

Not only are Une cosmetics good quality products but the natural ingredients means that I can apply them with the reassurance of knowing that they’re good for my skin. I really do love the ones I’ve purchased and cannot wait to expand my collection. Have you tried any of their products?

Zoey xo


  1. This looks lush love the foundation x


    1. I’ve stocked up haha! So lovely and dewy x

  2. You're stunning , amazing makeup xx

  3. you look like a doll

    awesome jewelry too!


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