The 55th Grammys

I'm on a role posting twice today, especially with the amount of uni work I have but it seemed highly necessary, as both the Grammys (LA) and the BAFTAs (London) took place on Sunday. They've left me with plenty of beautiful frocks that I just adore and really want to have an occasion to wear something similar. I'm sure it won't be long until I'm invited along as a guest to the Grammys?! We can all dream!

I always see the red carpet as such an odd concept. It's literally the person putting themselves out there and saying 'this is the best I can look', well you would hope they are as they're such massively covered events. Having access to the best stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers really leaves me wondering how some can get it so wrong.

I've complied my three favourites and the three that I really do not understand:

My favourite Grammy red carpet picks

I know there's that whole thing about some thinking wearing a red dress on a red carpet isn't appropriate, but in my eyes Rihanna without a doubt stole the show. The true 'Belle of the ball'. Whilst the breast and nipple area is a little bit odd, the rest of the dress (especially the cascading back) and her hair and makeup is all just so beautiful. As always, she looks incredible and I love her hair like this!

Taylor Swift
I always see Taylor Swift as so demure (think back to the 'love story' video) and this dress is so pretty and feminine, it suits her perfectly. I love the contrast of the metallic straps to the delicately pleated white fabric.

I'm sure everyone else is of the same opinion that Beyonce can do no wrong and she definitely didn't disappoint on Sunday. A trouser and top combo rather than the usual gown is a bold move, but of course Beyonce works the monochrome ensemble amazingly. I also love how she's kept it simple with her low ponytail hair style, which appears to be making a massive comeback!

From the good- to the bad

These are the ensembles that left me wondering, 'what was she thinking?!':

Kat Dennings
The colour, the print, the fabric, the cut and sequin embellishments are all just no. The fabric is too thick and it just looks like it's all too gathered, in my opinion making her look frumpy.

Kelly Rowland
I really was not sure what to think when I saw this dress. Although cleverly placed, the sheer panelling is all far too much and I'm pretty sure if you caught her at the right angle then you'd definitely get an eye full. I think it's all too in your face and prefer the subtler, more demure look.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer's skin looks glowing, I absolutely love her makeup but I really cannot understand the outfit choice. I think the high ankle cuff of her sandals make her legs appear dumpy and I don't think it shows her legs in their best light.

Do you agree? What were your best or worst picks of the 55th Grammy awards?

Zoey xo


  1. Rihanna's dress was gorgeous! Best one in my opinion x

    1. I love the sheerness of the fabric, so beautiful!x

  2. Great post! I'm absolutely obsessed with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland's outfits.


    1. I really cannot understand Kelly Rowland's outfit, but have seen it appear on so many of the 'best dressed' pages! I guess I'm on my own with that one then haha x

  3. rihanna looked stunning but i have no idea what on earth kelly rowlands was thinking!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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  4. Arr I quite Kelly Rowlands dress *shy face* hahaa. I love Rihanna's! I'd love a chance to wear these dresses out! xx

  5. Rihanna dress and makeup is just gorgeous!


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