EE BAFTAs- My Picks ‘13

I had been meaning to write this post yesterday, fresh after the evening of the British academy film awards but mother nature was definitely against me. A train journey that would usually take an hour and a half, ended up taking me a stressful and freezing 6 and a half hours of being shoved back and forth between trains and replacement buses.

Absolute nightmare and I definitely should have just driven home (I was trying to avoid the awful flooded motorways), but I'm now so happy to be cosied up in my beautiful new bedroom, chihuahua on lap, with much needed home comforts back in Brighton.

My public transport nightmare aside, Sunday nights red carpet was swarmed with beautiful people, wearing equally as beautiful dresses. The BAFTAs has to be one of my favourite red carpet events of the year, along with the grammys of course!

I managed to see past the ugly plastic 'EE' umbrellas (such a shame it was raining/snowing) and have picked out my favourite dresses of the night:

Hayley Atwell 
Bringing monochrome to the red carpet was always going to be a winner, and this dress definitely doesn't disappoint. The fabric clings to all of the right places, whilst the slight peplum waist accentuates her figure. I love the shape the white creates and it mimics Hayley's body shape perfectly.

Jennifer Lawrence 
Head to two in Doir, Jennifer looks like a true princess. Her swept back hairstyle stops this dress from looking too 'disney' and over the top, and makes her whole look look effortlessly glam. She turned up wearing an unusual pointed long line black blazer, creating an interesting ensemble but it seemed to work!

Laura Whitmore
Laura Whitmore looked so fierce whilst hosting the live streaming of the red carpet. I love thats she's opted for a jumpsuit rather than the typical gown and is showing just the right amount of skin, balancing out the mass of black fabric. Her skin tone, hair and lipstick choice compliment the outfit perfectly and the gold bangles add interest without detracting from the beautiful cut of the jumpsuit.

Laura Bailey
I've seen Laura Bailey being criticised for this outfit choice on numerous occasions, but I personally think she looks stunning. The tomato orangey/red fabric and matching lipstick is such a beautiful choice of colour and I love how she's subtly brought in another colour with her green hairband. Granted, the cut isn't the most flattering, but it's a nice change to the masses of fitted gowns and I think she looks so simple and effortless, all for the right reasons.

One dress that I think should have stayed on the catwalk?

Zawe Ashton just doesn't do this Julien Macdonald dress the justice it deserves but I absolutely adore it on the catwalk, what a beautiful beautiful creation! 

Who would you give your 'best dressed' award to of the night?

 Zoey xo


  1. Jennifer Lawrence is just flawless, she always looks gorgeous.
    Megan xxx

  2. I don't like Laura Whitmore as a TV personality generally, but she looked absolutely stunning

    Dusterknuckles | I'm Having A Celine Giveaway

    1. I'm not a fan either, but cannot find fault in her appearance!xx

  3. I love Jennifer Lawrence's dress!


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