90’s Kiddy Fashion

Sky Dancers doll  
Fun, cute and girly- probably not for everyone and most certainly the opposite to a sophisticated 'dress to impress dress code' that majority of men love to see us in. But this spring/summer it's all about embracing your inner child at heart and creating playful ensembles.

Much to my boyfriends dismay, I've been loving so many cute kiddy garments and accessories over the past few weeks. They're literally making me want to put my hair into a half up half down style and run to the nearest sandpit with my plastic Esmeralda lunch box and sky dancers doll in hand (a must have!).

Looking like a stretched child, yes you may haha. But we can work with that, I think it's a refreshing change to tight fitted garments and it's so nice to have a bit of fun with fashion whilst not taking yourself too seriously. Absolutely perfect for summery days!

Running around without a care in the world, cue style inspiration!


Fun bright nail art, disney printed joggers, girly bow accessories, leotard inspired dresses, dungarees and jelly shoes (thankfully minus the heels!) are all great ways to inject some fun into our wardrobes. I can imagine the black pinafore playsuit being worn with a loose fitting white tshirt, for a cute yet quite smart outfit fitting in with the monochrome trend. 

I love all of these items but at the very top of my 'to buy' list is the jelly shoes and the pink backless american apparel dress. I've always found that most sandals can be too smart for some day to day outfits, so jelly shoes would be perfect and will save me from baking my feet in hi tops like I did last summer! They'd also be hugely appropriate for holidays and beach days so are not only cute, but practical. 

The american apparel dress has featured in one of my blog posts before (see here), which just shows that I haven't let it go! It's also available in about 10 other colours too if pink's not your colour. I find it surprising that these are my favourite two, as my wardrobe is currently completely pink free. Pink screams cute, fun and girly so it definitely enhances these playful designs.

Will you be embracing the child in you this summer?

Zoey xo


  1. I love that these types of things are coming back in! I bought a dungaree dress when I was about 16 and now (roughly 6 years later) I think I might just get away with wearing it again :) Still not convinced about jelly shoes though!

    Lauren x

    1. dungarees are so cute! Ah I love them, not many people do though! xx

  2. I bloody love this post Zoey! I'm constantly embracing my inner child, I don't think my fashion will ever age at this rate.

    Megan xxx

    1. Same, I love to have diversity in my wardrobe and now if I wake up feeling like a kid again, I can dress like one too haha:) xx

  3. I love the skater dress, the colour is gorgeous! The neon accessories are great too. Lovely post x


    1. I've wanted it for farr too long now! Thankyou xx


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