Fashion PR Intern Interview Outfit

I've seen so many posts of people wondering what to wear to interviews, whether it be for internships or a 'proper' job, so I thought I'd embrace the new territory of a WIWT/OOTD (what I wore today/ outfit of the day) themed post.

After a few emails back and forth, yesterday I was thrilled to be invited to an interview in London for an internship with the PR team of quite a high-end fashion brand. As I'm coming up to the end of my studies at uni, the prospect of a month or so interning with this brand is soo exciting, especially as I'm so passionate about fashion PR. They're offering quite a hands on role, enabling an intern to get stuck in and get quite involved, which would obviously be invaluable experience so the pressure was on to impress.

First impressions are everything
As with any interview, but particularly with roles within fashion; your outfit is extremely important. You want to show you've made an effort, whilst conveying who you are and your interests in fashion and I think where your interview is for should always have a large impact on your choice. Although high-end, the brand I had the interview with isn't particularly dressy, so I had the tough task of showing that I was making an effort whilst not looking too overdressed. To my surprise in the end I didn't particularly think into my chosen outfit too much and ended up choosing it on the morning of the interview. I just went with a variation of what I love and feel comfortable in.

Monochrome shirt- River Island/ Disco Pants leggings- Urban Outfitters/ Leather jacket- Miss Selfridge/ Boots- Primark/ Bag- Christmas present/ Elephant necklace- Topshop/ Rings- H&M/ Bracelets- Topshop, H&M, Pandora, market stall in Ibiza/ Watch- My grandmas

A patterned shirt with a statement necklace teamed with disco pants leggings is always my go-to combination and I find statement necklaces' are quite personal to you, so add a bit of individuality to an outfit. I kept to a simple colour pallet and wore my black studded boots (absolute bargain from Primark!) to add a slightly edgy element, a black leather jacket and then smartened it up slightly with my beautiful black bag. I added bursts of colour through my statement rings and bracelets and kept my makeup subtle with a standard mac shygirl nude lip. 

Not realising the extent of the arctic weather conditions, I was absolutely beyond freezing whilst negotiating my way there (it took all of my willpower to stop shivering when I arrived), I wish I'd had opted for my huge fur coat instead and slightly hated myself for never letting the word 'practicality' have any effect on my choices. But once the interview was over I used that as an excuse to run to Urban Outfitters and purchase a jumper that I'd had my eye on.. of which was reduced from £38 to £9 (amazing!).

In hindsight I'd definitely have layered up underneath my shirt and leggings to make it more appropriate for these frosty months but when inside the building I felt good in what I was wearing which was the main thing.

Now for the hard part, the waiting game. It could go either way so I've got all my fingers and toes crossed!

Love Zoey xo


  1. This is a great post chick, the monochrome shirt will definitely show them you know the up and coming trends! Best of luck, let us know how it goes!
    Megan xxx

  2. Perfect outfit choice Zoey. Good luck for your interview. X

  3. You look lovely and I hope the interview went well. You will love fashion PR! Xx

  4. good luck! love that shirt too xx

  5. Great post! I'm also hoping to one day get into Fashion PR, such an exciting role even if it's lots of hard work!

    Have followed you, would be great if you could have a look at my blog too :)

    Rachel xx

    1. I know, it really does seem so exciting, much more than just 'a job'!
      Thankyou:), i'll take a look at yours now xx

  6. You look gorgeous! Love what you chose to wear and I love your hair too :) Hope the interview went well! xoxo


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