I ♡ SS13 Iridescent Trend

There really isn't any limits when it comes to this holographic and iridescent trend with a futuristic vibe and I really can't get enough of it! From subtle shimmers to all out eye-catching pieces, it can be dressed up or dressed down to create a powerful confident outfit. It looked absolutely stunning under the bright lights of the catwalk, but I think it definitely shouldn't just remain there, it's equally appropriate and wearable for us so I'm so happy to see it slowly trickling into our high street stores. I've found that most of the garments really do speak for themselves, so call for subtle makeup and accessories.

Again with my picks, there's a definite Asos and Topshop theme as I'm loving them both so much as of late..

Available from Asos, £40 here
Layering the key sheer fabric of the season with a holographic bodycon is an understated way to wear the trend, proving that iridescent isn't just for the bold and confident. I'd perhaps struggle to find an occasion to wear this but I think if worn with a simple high ponytail, subtle makeup, a nude lip and accessories kept to a minimum then it would look stunning.

Available from Topshop, £48 here
Showing that the iridescent trend isn't just including the typical silver and white, this red fabric is adorned with clusters of clear iridescent sequins. You not only have the obvious bright red, but it picks up all of the colours you'd imagine so it truly is an eye-catching dress. I love the flattering off the shoulder cut which makes the dress even more of a statement. Teamed with nude heels and a light tan, this dress is not only fun and daring but I think if worn the right way, it could look really sophisticated. I sooo want this dress!!

Available from Asos, £65 here
The cutout V back transforms this loose long sleeved top. Although highlighting the annoying 'how do I wear a bra' issue, I always think that tops showing a bare back are just so 'sexy' without being revealing in a conventional boobs and bum way. This would look equally good teamed with leggings as it would tucked into a high waisted black skater skirt and could easily make that day to night transition. 

Available from Topshop, £145 here
I got really excited when I saw this online, slightly gutted about the 'out of a students budget' price tag but I still just had to include it. This shirt is such a subtle take on the iridescent trend and the nude toned colours are right up my street. I really love the look of a slightly baggy top (especially as it's shaped and not straight up and down), with a pair of killer legs to make your legs appear longer and thinner as I sometimes find that pulling everything in at the waist or wearing figure hugging garments can get a bit samey. This would look so effortless and classy for a night out, I'm already searching around for a similar shirt at a fraction of the price!

Available from Asos, £154 here
Okay so this is without a doubt a bold, statement dress that I don't and probably won't have an occasion to wear it to, but it's just so beautiful that I just had to include it. An iridescent trend post just wouldn't be complete without this heavily embellished dress. The underlay ensures the skirt has a voluminous shape, making this dress extremely flattering for a slim build and the gold spikes on the belt toughens the whole dress up. Again, if worn with a high ponytail and simple makeup I really think that this dress would work, it's definitely a 'look at me dress', that would ensure you'd stand out. Perhaps a birthday dress? 

Available from Asos, £15.50 here
Reduced from £35, I think these are an absolute bargain and have consequently just ordered them for myself (oops). Whether I'm blogging myself or reading others' blogs, ending up purchasing items is always inevitable; sorry bank balance! Disco pants are massive at the moment they're just so flattering, can be worn day-night and can be teamed up with so many options. With the subtle yet beautiful colour changes, I think these would be an interesting alternative and just hope they look as good as they do online when I receive them! Thanks to Asos premier, I shan't have to wait long :). 

Available from Superdrug
I've still been meaning to try this nail varnish out for myself. I love how the tiny pieces of glitter are so small that you get the overall smooth nail finish yet it has the benefits of the various colours that catch under the light. I'd be interested to see how it looks in daylight or without a shining bright light. 

The iridescent and holographic fabrics are just so fun and playful, I'm hoping as the sales end more garments will begin to enter our stores as I haven't been able to find many!

Love Zoey xo


  1. Oooh I need that Gosh holographic nail polish- it looks so cool!

    1. I tried it in the shop and it didn't look as holographic as I thought it would, but I think it just needs two coats x

  2. I'm in love with the first dress and the backless shirt, beautiful! Great pics!

    Megan xxx

    1. The backless top would be so versatile too!xx


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