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Trend review can be seen here

Trend review can be seen here

Now that the festive season has well and truly left us (boooo), I'm wishing for these few dreary months to hurry and be over with so we can be blessed with longer sunny days and just generally be in a much happier atmosphere. The high street sales are condensing making way for the new spring/summer lines, and I have to say that I'm loving so much of it, but the huge walls of pastel colours I've found are slightly off putting. I think that might be just because it's displayed in mass (particularly in River Island), perhaps wearing a small pop of a pastel colour will work better for me but maybe I'm just being put off by the current state of the weather.

It's interesting seeing how the catwalk trends are being transformed to being wearable for our high street stores, mainly because I've just finished a really exciting unit in buying, forecasting and trend analysis so I know a bit more about the industry and how it works. From a macro trend to capsule collections in our favourite stores, I actually find the whole process so fascinating.

Whilst wondering around the shops, the number one thing that has stood out to me is the huge array and variety of fabrics and textures with the two ends of the scale; sheer and leather being my favourite ensemble. There was a lot of black on the catwalks and after pining after SS13 moodboards showing the black on black trend, I'm so happy to see that it's already starting to come into the high street. Although it's taking a bit of a back seat to the huge monochrome trend, black and white garments, I still can't help but sway towards black and black as it's just so subtle and understated. Granted, it's not a colour we'd typically associate with summer, but I really think that it's connoting our current economic climate. Mixing up fabrics or just wearing all black is something that I can't get enough of at the moment and I've often been completing it with statement necklaces that have a small splash of neon/colour.

Embellishments, leather, velvet, lace, and the key floaty satin that I cannot wait to get my hands on all take a fully black outfit to another level and it's the playing around with textures that I think looks so understated yet interesting. I'll leave you with a few of my picks from Topshop to create that all important black on black outfit..

Wedge boots here / Lace shorts here / Lace crop top here / Sheer maxi skirt here / Grace dress here / Platform heels here / Beaded fringe playsuit here / Lace mesh crop top here / Rib panel mesh crop top here

What's the one SS13 trend that you're finding yourself immediately drawn to?

Love Zoey xo 

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