Soap & Glory Skincare

I've been using these products since I received the gift set for christmas and it truly is a one way ticket to tricking people into thinking you've had your full 9 hours sleep, when really you've rolled in at 4am and just about made it to your 9am lecture. Literally a box of wonders. The set consists of three products; Bright here bright now instant radiance energy balm, Fab pore hot cloth cleanser and You wont believe your eyes tired-eye brightening moisture serum. I bought the Dr spot invisible spot fighting gel separately, and all of these items are available from Boots.

The fab pore hot cloth cleanser instantly stood out. The idea of using a hot cloth cleanser is all that more appealing during these cold winter months and containing sweet almond, orange and lavender oils, it was bound to smell amazing. It's not pungent or artificial smelling in the slightest which is a big bonus and with the top note being lavender it has a calming effect that's particularly beneficial when used at night. The cleanser itself is thick and creamy allowing me to really work it into my skin and has a slight tingly sensation once applied, reassuring me that it's working. I've used it for about two weeks now and I've particularly enjoyed using it in the evening as it's amazing at getting rid of makeup, leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean and I love the soothing smell. The hugest benefit is that I've seen a noticeable change in my pores particularly around my nose area of which are next to unnoticeable now.

The bright here bright now instant radiance energy balm is described as, 'Make that skin dazzle, just apply and get beautifully luminous skin. With moisturising apricot kernel oil, aloe vera and out immediate face firming active instatight 2". Probably the widest range of promises that I've seen on the front of packaging to date, so I couldn't help but be sceptical when first trying this out. Just like the cleanser, it's beautifully naturally scented, which is always a positive start as I try to avoid skincare product with heavy artificial scents. When squeezed out, I almost want to describe it as having an iridescent sheen, as it's a bright white colour that catches in the light yet doesn't have an ounce of shimmer or glitter once applied. Whatever is in it that's causing this subtle iridescent effect leaves your skin absolutely glowing and so radiant, it's unlike anything I've used before. I've been mainly using it in conjunction with my foundation, mixing a tiny squirt and then applying my foundation as I usually would and it's definitely giving my skin that extra glow. On good skin days when I leave the house without foundation I've found that this instantly brightens up my face and it really is the perfect 'pick me up' product. 

The you wont believe your eyes tired eye brightening moisture serum has turned out to be a great handbag addition. Once the lid's removed it reveals three small metal rollerballs that feel cold and refreshing against the skin and allows for extremely easy application. Again, with the iridescent sheen, the product is light reflecting which works wonders for the under eye area especially during long days or after a sleepless night. I've been using this in the morning to wake myself up and often even during the day as it can be applied over concealer to avoid those dreaded under eye bags.

I purchased the Dr spot invisible spot fighting gel a few weeks ago when the uni life style clearly took it's toll on my skin and decided to punish me by breaking out ridiculously. I've always been lucky when it comes to spots (touch wood) and as I've got combination skin I only ever get the odd one on my chin or rarely within my t-zone areas. Saying this, because of my usually clear skin, when a spot appears, boy does it appear. It literally comes out in full force often requiring a separate name and to be addressed seperatly. Yes they're that big. This product has worked wonders and from the moment it's applied I can feel it working and not only does it significantly reduce the size and redness but it makes them disappear considerably faster than usual. I think the one main element that sets this product aside from other spot treatments is how it is completely invisible once applied. There's none of that unattractive 'film' residue, meaning it can be warn and reapplied throughout the day without being noticed. 

Without realising, my daily skincare and makeup routine now contains multiple Soap and glory products, I really cannot get enough of the brand at the moment as it never fails to disappoint. After 4 months I'm still religiously using their foundation too which is quite a big thing for me as I previously used to flit between brands, you can see my review here.

What are your must-have Soap and glory products? 

Love Zoey xo


  1. These product sound amazing! I've never used any S&G facial skincare products but I'm liking the sound of the Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser! xx

    1. Their skincare product range has just recently pretty much doubled in size, there's so many other items I want to try too!xx

  2. Oh lovely!!!

  3. I've only ever used a facial scrub from S&G but never dared to try their skincare range, I'm going to have to check this out!
    Megan xxx

    1. I haven't tried the facial scrub, but even if it's as half as good as the body scrub then it will be amazingg! Definitely next on my list xx

  4. Hi Zoey,

    Thanks for your lovely comment over on my blog, it's always nice to find a fellow S&G enthusiast! I spend ages in Boots trying to decide what to get because it all sounds so good and now your reviews have made me want these too!

    Lauren x

  5. These products sound fab, you've described them so well I tempted to go increase my S&G collection asap x


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