Snowy Day Nail Inspiration ❄

Being from the South of England, snow days are very few and far between and such a rarity that it definitely caused for a snowy themed post. For the past two days the little uni bubble has pretty much come to a stand still, public transport was cancelled yesterday which resulted in uni being closed. A couple of inches is always a big hyped up deal, but not wanting to complain, pretty much everyone gladly took this as perfect excuse to temporarily forget about our dreaded final major projects/ dissertations and anything else important in life.

Snowman mound ❄
The big kid in me wasn't satisfied sitting in under the warmth of my duvet having a film day with hot ribena for the entire day, so me and Sean went out to play! A snowman/dog/small mound is always a necessity but then again so are warm thermal gloves of which neither of us had, consequently I had to endure that dreaded freezing cold hands warming up stabbing pain moment. Ouchhhieeeee (why's is it so much more painful than it sounds?)! Our efforts were so worth it though, such a beautiful sculptured little snowman mound and not only is he partly edible but he's got monetary value so he's a winner from all aspects haha!


Snowy Nails ❄

For a snowy day, snowy nails were just a must! I'm such a massive fan of the iridescent trend (see my previous iridescent trend post here) at the moment and really can't get enough of it so grabbed the chance to use it to attempt snowflake inspired nails. For this I used Maybellines' Express finish diamonds flash cosmic nail varnish over Topshops' mannequin nude base. 

Iridescent snowflake inspiration 

After applying Topshops' mannequin, I added just one layer of the flash cosmic diamond nail varnish by Maybelline. I love how it's still subtle yet so pretty, even in natural light out in the snow. Snow day reminded me that I had this nail varnish and am looking forward to trying it out with different base colours, especially over black. Although probably harder to achieve, as long as I leave enough drying time in between layers I think building it up to create full on iridescent nails would look so effective. This topshop and maybelline combo works so well and not only is it bang on trend but it's so appropriate for these snowy days!

If any of you have created snowy inspired nails/looks please link me to them as I'd love to see!

Love Zoey xo


  1. Lovely pictures! :)
    You're snow man is so cute haha!

    Living In Your Imagination

  2. Love your nails, gorgeous combination! Nice snowman ;) xx


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