Rimmel matte finish nails

When it comes to nails, the false variety are a big no-no for me as I love the natural nail look and enjoy doing them myself, consequently i'm continuously drawn to any new 'innovative' nail varnishes to add to my forever growing collection. For the past month or so, everytime i've set out to purchase Rimmel's matte finish mattifying topcoat it's been sold out, that was until last week when I got lucky enough to snap up the final bottle remaining from Superdrug. If that's anything to go by, it seems that the rest of the population is just as intrigued I am, either that or they're loving it so much that they're repurchasing. These matte topcoats have been widely available for quite a few months now and i'm sure it won't be long before all of the cosmetic brands catch on and release one.

Before- Mannequin by Topshop 

I'm not sure my photographs do the mattifying topcoat enough justice (probably due to the lack of daylight), i'm so surprised at just how velvety, smooth and even the results are. They've transformed from looking plasticy and glossy and I think it's added an edgy look to my subtle choice in colour. From a practical perspective, it has stayed on a lot longer without chipping (on the bottle it says up to ten days). I can imagine this would look great over arty designs, and there's so many of my nail varnishes that I think would look amazing when converted to matte. Whilst glossy black nails have never appealed to me, I really can't wait to try it out with this matte topcoat, matte black is just so gorgeous and understated. 

For just under £5, the Rimmel mattifying topcoat has really opened up a whole new little world for my nails & has encouraged me to experiment with my vast collection of colours which is always a good thing!

Matte nails are definitely the way forward for me and I can't imagine wearing a colour without this topcoat anytime soon. I'd really recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it already!

Love Zoey xo


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