Naked Basics Palette Inspired Wardrobe

If you've been following you'll know that I love absolutely everything to be nude. A minimalist colour palette enables for playful accessorising for a bold pattern/colour pop, creating a perfect ensemble.

When Urban Decay recently released the naked basics palette, I needn't have looked any further; everything I could ever want from eyeshadows and more all contained in one beautiful palette. The array of matte nude colours from black to cream are extremely highly pigmented, making it the ideal palette for us 'avoiding colour eyeshadow' wearers and providing us with our perfect colourless eye wardrobe. 

Nude is just so wearable, can be teamed with absolutely any colour and can be dressed up or dressed down. I personally love it with black as it brings in another shade, without introducing colour yet avoiding the harsh differences between black and white. Although I'm a big fan of the huge monochrome trend this SS13, I can't help but stay faithful to my trusty nudes. 

When I open the Naked basics palette, it makes me want nothing more than to open my wardrobe and see the same beautiful array of shades. Que wardrobe inspiration..

1. Nylon tricot figure skater dress in shiny peach, £39 from American apparel (link)
This dress come and a large array of colours but the nude has to be my favourite. As it's 80% nylon, it's what I call 'swimming costume' material, which is something I'm massively attracted to at the moment. The backless detail adds to it being a 'fun' playful dress. I think it's a nice change from serious figure hugging sophisticated dresses and would be equally appropriate for a uni night out as it would be for a summers day.

2. Oversized letter print shirt, £40 from Topshop (link)
I'm seeing letter and typography prints everywhere at the moment, and this shirt has particularly caught my eye. The colour blending works so well and the layering of the letters brings texture and depth. A sheer shirt is such a versatile wardrobe staple, my favourite way to wear them is buttoned up to the top with a statement necklace around the collar, worn over my disco pant leggings. Great for when you're faced with a smart/casual dress code. 

3. Cropped soft blazer, £35 from Asos (link)
A blazer is another wardrobe necessity. I love the simplistic cut of this one and the material makes it look of high quality. As well as coming in the nude colour that I've shown, it's also available in a beautiful rust colour which has left me wanting to order them both. Styled with leggings or jeans, a pair of heels and a slightly baggy top would again get you ready to face the smart/casual dress code situation. 

4. Leather look skater in metallic, £35 from Asos (link)
I've had my black matte skater skirt for a while now and have found when it comes to creating an outfit with it, the options really are endless. This gold metallic skater would add a fun element into any outfit and I can just imagine it worn with sky-high black wedged boots, a baggy top (most colours would look amazing) and then even a black leather jacket layered on top. Another thing I love about nudes/gold is that they compliment a tan so well, which is a huge plus for tanaholics such as myself!

5. Katarlina metallic cip dye jumper in black, £21.99 from Missguided (link)
This big comfy jumper would be great for those 'hair in a bun, lounge around/ uni days'. It nails the dip dye and metallic trends all in one and for this bargain price I'm really struggling trying to justify why I shouldn't be purchasing this right away.

6. Midi dress with sheer detail, £30 from Asos (link)
In a previous blog post (you can view it here) I talked about how black on black is huge for this SS13 and is especially effective when mixing fabrics. This dress does exactly that. The sheer panel detailing is a subtle yet striking way to take this beyond just being a black midi, whilst avoiding introducing further colours. As soon as I came across this dress on the Asos 'new in' page I ended up buying it without hesitation and I wore it last night for a friends 21st (outfit post to come shortly). 

7. Maxi dress with low back, £30 from Asos (link)
I still cannot believe this maxi dress is just £30. The high neckline, subtle sleeves and backless cut all balance the maxi dress out perfectly. As it's made from jersey material it could easily be dressed up or down and the high neckline makes a great backdrop for a bold statement necklace. I'm definitely more of a bare back than an exposed cleavage girl and I've got such a big crush on backless garments. It won't be long before this beautiful dress is safely inside my wardrobe!

As with every fashion post, I'm left trying to resist the urge to purchase everything I've mentioned. It really is taking the entirety of my will power!  

Love Zoey xo

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