Jurlique Finishing Powder (Inspired by Grazia & Millie Mackintosh)

I'm an absolutely massive fan of E4's Made In Chelsea, and would go as far as saying it's the only program I religiously watch & simply can't miss an episode, I just love it! I have a slight girl crush on most of the cast (as I'm sure the majority of you do too!), they just always look so flawless, especially Millie Mackintosh who not only has a wardrobe to die for but skin that pretty much defines perfection.

I was so excited when I came across this article in Grazia revealing the casts beauty secrets and so thrilled to see that Millie and Binky were featured as I'd say my perfect makeup'spiration is a mixture of them both. Have a read of it, it's so detailed and I love how they're done up to exactly how they want, allowing them to portray their unique style and giving us such a broad variety of tips and hidden makeup gems.

I've always wondered how Millie achieves her glowy, dewy, even and flawless skin yet without an ounce of that dreaded unwanted oily shine, and it appears that Jurlique holds the answer.

Until I read the Grazia article, I'd never ever heard of Jurlique before and definitely had no idea of what I'd been missing out on! "I use a small amount of Jurlique rose silk finishing powder just on the middle of her forehead, down the centre of the nose and at the bottom of the chin just so she doesn't look shiny". Now being guilty of buying a product just because I've heard Millie Mackintosh uses it, I searched around the internet and to my surprise I found it on sale for £16.38 down from it's original price of £19.50 on beautybay. Bargain! You can purchase it here.

Having combination skin myself, achieving the dewy look has always been a bit of a struggle as my t-zone areas (middle of forehead, sides of nose and chin) always completely overstep the mark and shine through like there's no tomorrow which is something I absolutely despise. Consequently I have tried pretty much every translucent powder I can get my hands on (those of a sensible price) but have never been able to avoid having to touch up at least three times a day. Just being able to see my reflection halfway through the day (& especially on nights out) without a shiny disco ball looking back at me has literally been my makeup mission for the past months.

Since my Jurlique finishing powder arrived through the post last week I have never looked back, nor have I had the displeasure of seeing the dreaded shine. Described as, "A translucent facial powder with precious botanicals designed to minimise oiliness and shine, to help skin feel smooth and radiant," it had a lot to live up to, but it truly hasn't disappointed!

It comes with a soft powder puff but I've just been using a large powder brush so that I can achieve an even thinner coverage and although I've been using the smallest amount, my combination skin has stayed completely shine free for the entire day and hasn't budged at all. It's such a fine powder that it's unbelievably weightless, avoiding clogging up your pores and allowing your skin to breath whilst looking extremely natural and not at all powdery or cakey. Once applied, the beautiful rose scent lingers for ages which I absolutely love and my skin is so soft to touch. Not only has it kept the shine away from my t-zone areas, but I've found it evens out my skin tone so can be warn alone which will be a godsend come summer when I'm not wanting coverage but still wanting to avoid a sweaty looking face.

The packaging is both attractive and convenient, it feels of a high quality (as does the powder itself), is an ideal size for travelling and has a mirror in the lid. Although I've not yet had the chance to wear it over my higher coverage foundation that I use for nights out, I tested it in a photograph with the flash on and I'm extremely pleased to say that there was no sign of the dreaded 'ghost face'; one massive no-no when it comes to powders. Even if I bought this Jurlique powder at full price I'd say it's definitely more than worth it, a little really does go a long way and I can imagine it's going to last me a long time.

Thanks to Grazia's amazing Made in Chelsea beauty article I've without a doubt found the perfect translucent finishing powder. For all of you girls with oily or combination skin, it's an absolute must have, and should become a staple to your makeup bags, I really can't praise it enough! 

Love Zoey xo


  1. The MIC girls have such amazing makeup. Louise's brows are amazing! This sounds great an even at full price isn't that expensive. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I'm now following. Your blog is lovely! xx

  2. Hey I thought I would let you know I nominated you for a blogger award! http://builtlikeapinup.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/my-nomination-for-liebster-award.html x


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