Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

I received these for Christmas, they made it into my best beauty products of 2012 (of which you can view here) and I literally haven't been able to get enough of them since. I'd go as far as saying I've no idea how I've survived this long without them! 

As I've previously mentioned, Cheryl Cole leaves me with extreme hair envy as i'm sure she does the rest of you, I don't know of a single girl that wouldn't want to be blessed with her locks. If you want to achieve her big bouncy wavy hair look, then these rollers are exactly what you need.

When it comes to wearing my hair down, as long as it's backcombed and voluminous then I'd usually just leave it to do it's own thing as it's pretty much straight. I'm often drawn towards the messy 'chilled out' hair look, which works for me and my laziness in the mornings too. You can see how I achieve this on my previous 'goodbye flat lifeless hair' post here. For nights out I like to make a bit more of an effort so these rollers are a welcomed addition to my hair routine, and they're so easy to use that I'm even starting to use them some mornings too. 

Never being one to spend a lot of time on my hair, discovering these heated rollers has been a godsend. They heat up in seconds, have taken me less then five minutes to put in, and can be left in for just 20 minutes whilst I do my makeup or whatever else I need to do before leaving. So technically using these has added on about five minutes to my getting ready routine, as well as saving me so much time messing around with curling tongs/straighteners, which I think for the results is actually amazing.

The set comes with ten large rollers, which I use for the top and front layers of my hair and then ten medium rollers that I use for the underneath sections. The large ones create waves and are good for creating volume from the roots whereas the the medium ones create a slightly tighter curl which works well with the longer layers as these tend to drop more quickly. I also like how the different sizes create different waves/curls and stops it from looking regimented as it would from using curling tongs or plaiting. There's always at least five left over so I'd definitely say there's plenty for anyone no matter how thick your hair is.

When putting them in, because I've quite long hair, I hold the roller in the middle of the length, wrap around the end and then roll it up to my head and secure it. I've just found this is a lot easier than attempting to roll it all the way from the end (especially with layers) and makes absolutely no difference on the outcome. One of my tips is to only use them with clean hair, as when I attempted to put them into my hair that wasn't freshly washed, the buildup of products and how it had been straightened before meant that the results were effected and noway near as good.    

The rollers themselves are covered in a velvety material which is so nice to work with and gentle on your hair and the clips do not slip down at all which surprised me as I have quite fine hair. The set itself just looks so appealing and I love how it's so compact and clean looking. 

I would say that when at full temperature, they're hotter than I expected which took a bit of getting used to but it isn't really a problem if you work quickly. Being a student in the winter months, anything creating a bit of heat is extremely appealing and although sometimes verging on being a bit too hot to comfortably hold, the heat is more than appreciated. I realise I've just sounded as though I live in the stone age haha, but I'm sure any other fellow students will easily be able to relate to this.

Enrapture's heated rollers really are so easy to use but with such professional results that makes it look as though you've spent hours on your hair. Even for a couple of days after I've used them my hair has such lovely waves to it and is just so much more full of life. There's some photos below to show you the results I've achieved, but I am still playing around with them to see what works the best for me. They're both taken straight after I'd removed the rollers, I actually think I might prefer my hair about an hour after when it drops every so slightly, which is handy as as I mentioned, that is how it stays for a few days after too. Even once the curls drop the volume and 'bouncyness' still remains. 

If like me, you love the whole textured voluminous hair look but are not wanting 'prom girl' ringlets or regimented waves and curls then I'd 100% recommend these rollers, they're definitely worth every penny and you'll never look back. 

Before- slightly backcomed and un-styled 

Love Zoey xo


  1. Wow they look good!
    lovefromsammie.blogspot.com xo

  2. Your hair looks beautiful! I must invest in heated rollers!

    Megan xxx

    1. Thanks! If you google search for them you can find them for a pretty reasonable price too!xxx

  3. You look lovely, fab post! I was looking at getting these, and quite frankly I am sold now! x

    1. Aw thankyou. I've struggled to find fault in them and couldn't recommend them enough:) x

  4. I also got these rollers for Christmas but I havn't yet had chance to use them x


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