You Shall Go To The Ball

Along with your birthday, new years eve is the one time of the year where buying a beautiful new dress is completely necessary. I know there's normally such a big hype around this one evening, but the way I usually look forward to it is by buying a dress (depending on where i'm going) that I can't wait to wear and I justify spending that little bit extra as it's a special occasion. It's the last thing you'll ever wear that year, so it's essential to see the year out in style, right?!

I wouldn't say i'm typically a dress girl, probably because I go out at uni so often, but it's much more likely for another girl to be wearing the same dress as you than it is to have matching skirts/shorts/tops. I enjoy mixing and matching outfits and finding something that works for me. At the moment i'm finding myself drawn to anything with a high neck, a midi length hem, and tops that have that 90's leotard look about them. I think as beautiful as they are, a lot of dresses fit into the 'going to a wedding' or 'a day at the races' box and are just far too dressy for a night out, especially at uni. Saying this, New Years eve definitely calls for a splurge (a student budget splurge, so still under £100) on a dress that's just that little bit special and after scouring the internet, I thought i'd share my shortlist..

Rococo Caviar beaded dress, available from Lashes of London online here (£90).
I love the structure of this dress, it just wouldn't be the same without the luxurious thick fabric. The cut showcases the smallest part of the body and would be flattering for almost any body shape. It could be toughened up with a pair of heeled statement black boots such as the Jeffrey Campbell litas and a leather jacket, or sophistically styled with a simple pair of killer courts. Either way this fun yet understated dress is absolutely gorgeous. 

Motel gabby iridescent sequin dress, available from Asos online here (£58).
I'm not a fan of sequins unless they're clustered close together for a maximum statement effect. I absolutely love iridescent sequin effects and this dress uses the perfect peacock tones. Picking up an array of greens and blues, the dress would look so striking in club lighting and photos. The bodycon fit would flatter a thinner figure, yet the mass of sequins would deter attention away from any lumps and bumps. 

Grecian maxi dress by oh my love, available from Topshop online here (£49).
Navy blue and nude are my all time favourite colours to wear. This maxi dress is just so beautiful, I can imagine it being worn with a sophisticated low side bun and nude heels, I reeaalllyy want to be invited to a wedding so I can wear it! The back meets at a V quite low down, which balances the dress out well whilst the rest of your body is covered up. It's just so demure and subtle with a beautiful classic cut. 

Sparkle midi bodycon dress, available from Topshop online here (£40).
Let me first say that this photograph doesn't do the dress justice in any way, shape or form. I walked into Topshop on Monday and completely fell in love with it, meaning I just couldn't leave the shop without it! The material is a gorgeous nude with subtle light bronze flecks throughout. As it's stretchy it clings to your body and isn't baggy on the stomach area which i've found can sometimes happen with midi dresses. The neckline and hemline makes the dress so simple and classy and the long sleeves make it perfect for the winter months. I think its also quite versatile and would look equally as good with a leather jacket and boots as it would a pair of platform heels or wedges, so it makes the perfect day to night transformation. That's how I justified making it a new addition to my wardrobe.. 

Exclusive panelled maxi dress with embellished organza, available from Asos online here (£75).
This dress really has the wow factor and whilst showing off quite a lot of flesh, it somehow remains to look quite elegant. There isn't really a lot of material to this but the sheer skirt saves it from looking tacky and I quite like the whole knicker lining and sheer skirt look. Saying this, i'm not sure it would look right on busty girl, as I think a large cleavage out on show with a cut as low as that would take away from the elegance. Teamed with a pair of nude high heels I think this dress could look gorgeous, the colour really makes it. 

Iridescent feather and leather dress, available from Warehouse online here (was £160 now £100).
The biggest statement dress of my shortlist, and I can understand that it wouldn't be for everyone but I think it's actually amazing! Simple hair and makeup with a nude lip and a slight smokey eye would compliment this dress beautifully and jewellery would need to be kept to a minimum, I think the dress speaks for itself. The real leather top-half bodice and the simple flattering cut and waistband provide a perfect contrast to the fuller bottom half with the swinging iridescent feathers. I love how this dress plays around with textures, with slight accents of colour picked up from the feathers. It's without a doubt an eye-catching dress.

Petites lace tutu dress , available from Miss Selfridge online here (£45).
Skater style dresses and skirts are absolutely everywhere at the moment and this cute little dress caught my eye as it's nude, and looks so dainty like a little fairy dress! It reminds me of something I used to dress up in when I was a lot younger, yet with the high neck and a pair of platform courts I think it would look so nice for a night out. It's such a pretty dress and i'd wear it with my hair in a high ponytail so it wouldn't cover up the embellishments, and with a black leather jacket over it to toughen it up a bit. Because they flair out at the bottom, skater dresses and heels always make peoples legs look so long and slim, and with it being tight around the waist, this dress would flatter and add the illusion of curves to a slim figure. Pretty pretty pretty. 

I want every single one of these to be a part of my wardrobe, I doubt i'll be able to resist purchasing at least a few more of them :). Maybe one of these dresses will be your NYE dress pick? Let me know what you think!

Love Zoey xo


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