The Ultimate Nude Lip: Mac Shygirl & Dupes

Literally no matter what the season or occasion, i'll always (unless i'm having a pj day or an odd brave bright lip night) have my trusty nude lipstick applied and with me for the all important retouches. When I say nude, I don't mean i'm sporting the foundation lip look, white lip look or 'I don't have any lips' look, I mean subtle shades that compliment my skin tone and take away from my naturally highly pigmented lip colour that I despise. I am naturally (well, not entirely naturally.. sunbeds) tanned so finding the perfect nude that's not too light has always been a struggle. My lipstick collection is forever expanding and i'm always open to trying new lipsticks, but no matter what I try, i'll always return to my trusty mac cremesheen lipstick in shygirl. It goes on smoothly and has the perfect coverage with a slightly matte finish whilst leaving your lips feel moisturised. It also has that amazing signature sweet vanilla smell and taste that i'm definitely addicted to! As aposed to a lot of the lower market brands, you can just feel the quality which makes me love it even more.

I've repurchased this about five or six times now, and at £14 it's at the higher end of the budget, especially as i'm a student. After loosing it three times (once being the day after I purchased a new one!) when taking it out in my clutch for a night out, I realised that if it were to keep happening my regularly occurring nights out would quickly add up to ridiculous amounts & I definitely couldn't afford to loose £14 on every night out. So I set out on a mission to find a few duplicates, near colour matches but made by different brands so they're a pinch of the price. 

1. Rimmel moisture renew lipstick in shade 700 nude delight, available from Boots online here (£6.29).
I'd say this is the most similar dupe to Mac shygirl that i've been able to find. Its consistency and colour is almost exactly the same but I would say the Rimmel is the tiniest bit pinkier and slightly more sheer. Saying this, these differences are hardly noticeable (I only noticed when I swatched them right next to each other). For me, the things that keep Mac on top is the smell (Rimmel is unscented and has that cheap lipstick smell) and the staying power. I've noticed the Rimmel lipstick has to be re-applied a lot more frequently, and i'm not sure if it's just because I know, but Mac definitely feels like it's better quality. Although I really dislike the Rimmel packaging, this is an extremely good dupe and is now a staple in my clutch for a night out, at nearly half the price i'd much rather risk loosing this than my beloved shygirl.

2. Jemma Kidd lipstick in shade 02 peach, part of the Bio minerals essentials kit, available online here (£26).
Last month, Jemma Kidd went into administration which meant that a lot of her sets went into sale at Tkmaxx, this is where I snapped up a fair few pallets from (I'll do a post on them all in detail once i've had a chance to play around with them properly). I bought this pallet for £4 which was an absolute bargain and I was thoroughly surprised when the lipstick was so similar to Macs shygirl. The shade is slightly brighter and peachier, but it's a nice subtle change. It has a really nice constancy, and although it isn't as good coverage, the sheer look works well with the colour. It smells amazing and reminds me of some sort of sweet from my childhood, but I can't put my finger on which one exactly. I'd definitely recommend this lipstick to any shygirl fan, as it's not an exact dupe, but the subtle changes are a great alternative.  

3. 17 mirror shine on lipstick in shade beehive, available from boots online here (£4.59).
This is the cheapest out of my chosen three, at nearly an amazing third of the price of the Mac shygirl it's a welcomed alternative for my bank balance. It's almost an exact colour match, but the consistency, as the name would suggest, is shinier than shygirl. I went through a phase of wearing this daily, but after seeing it on in photos from a night out, I stopped. The only huge downfall of this product is that in photos taken with the flash on it shows up a lot lighter than it actually is, giving you that dreaded pale lip look. Saying this, it is a great budget alternative and I would still highly recommend it for use during the day.

I hope these dupe ideas have inspired you to try a lower budget brand, especially for those clutch bag essentials. No more loosing £14 lipsticks on a night out for me! :)

Love Zoey xo


  1. you are so beautiful:) great blog. Im your new follower now. check mine blog if you want.
    Magda xx

    1. Aw thankyou so much:). I'll have a look at your blog in a moment xx

  2. Just found your blog, Love it!! i also ordered shy girl lipstick today :) look really nice on you! just followed you on.. everything haha

    Dees Beautiful Life


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