The perfect day face, by Soap & Glory

Until about 8 months ago, I used to wear my Maxfactor Xperience foundation (I swear by this for nights out!) during both the day and night. I've since realised that its full coverage is too heavy for the day, and especially in natural light it just made me look so unnatural, so I now just save it for nights out as I much prefer the light coverage dewy daytime look. Since changing my skin care routine (a post to come soon) I've been lucky enough to be able to just wear mascara, concealer to brighten my under eyes, and a touch of bronzer during the days, but as most people, there's always those few days (especially if you're going somewhere nice) where you just want that little extra. I've tried such an array of different foundations in the past 6 months, chosen from people's recommendations on blog reviews and YouTube videos, but none of them have lived up to my expectations (even rimmel wakemeup). Soap & glory finally put my foundation flitting to a stop.. it's everything I could ever want from a foundation and more, I can't find a single fault!

Soap and glory foundation & primer, available online from Boots, here. £11.

I'm always attracted to packaging, so that's what took me to the soap & glory stand in the first place. Their products are always beautifully presented with the vintage images and light pink and gold colour scheme. The 'show good face' product claims to be a skin energising foundation and primer all in one, with long wearing 'lightscramble luminospheres' for a dewy, bright, flawless finish. It also contains spf 15 to protect and keep a healthy complexion. With promises as large as this I just had to try it out, and it definitely hasn't disappointed!

Firstly, it comes in six different colours so there's one to match everyone, the lightest being 'the fairest of them all' leading to the darkest, 'golden tan'. I matched up to the golden tan shade and although it looks dark when you squeeze it out, once spread out to a thin even layer the colour hasn't got the slightest tint of orange and is such a lovely lightly tanned colour, not at all as dark as it first seems. I feel as though using lighter foundations and then darkening them slightly with bronzer used to make my face look greyish and dull. Whereas with this shade there's no need for bronzer unless i'm using a little under my cheek bones, and it gives me that naturally tanned glow.  
Upon application, you squeeze the bottle/tube ever so slightly and a small amount comes out, it's fuss and mess free and a very little amount really does go a long way. The way I use it, I put on the thinnest layer possible, it is buildable but I wouldn't recommend it for those looking for a heavy coverage as it could look quite greasy if a lot of the product is applied. I prefer to apply it with my fingertips rather than a foundation brush because this way I can slightly work it into my skin to achieve an even thinner layer. The packaging itself is such a nice, practical design and size, and with it being black it doesn't get all grubby and ugly whilst in your makeup bag.

With just the smallest amount it gives the most amazing dewy finish, the lightweight formula feels and looks just like skin yet radiant and glowing. The primer is definitely evident, my skin looks so smooth and even, even on the areas where it's slightly combination. For the dryer areas it makes them feel hydrated, yet it appears to be a perfect match for the oilier t-zone areas too. Once applied I lightly dust a fine translucent powder over my whole face. I'd say this product is close to a miracle worker, it hasn't broken me out and has the most amazing natural finish i've ever seen achieved by a foundation. I have no idea why this isn't raved about more in the beauty world, especially as it's a bargain at £11.

I'd love to hear your opinions and if you haven't tried the 'show good face' foundation and primer out I hope this post has inspired you to give it a go :). Dewy, glowing, even and radiant skin.. what isn't there to like?!

Love Zoey xo

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