Rihanna For River Island S/S13

Quite a while back when I heard from one of my mums friends who's the assistant buyer and merchandiser for RI (London) that Rihanna had been spending a bit of time at the headquarters, I was left gutted that it's not the time of my internship but soo excited to see the results of her capsule collection. Much to my dismay, the whole collection isn't being revealed until February, but yesterday she was papped in the navy jumpsuit, of which is the item first to be revealed and last night she released sneaky peaks via her instagram.

"River Island is the perfect partner for me to collaborate with and working with a British, family-run business also really appealed to me. I find London really inspiring and River Island loves to have fun with clothes." 

I'm not sure what to think of the jumpsuit, I wouldn't buy it and I don't think it's very wearable, it's not the most flattering of shapes. I prefer jumpsuits/playsuits that are pulled in at the waste rather than the hips, as this is the smallest part of the body and creates a flattering feminine silhouette. The second image of Rihanna with her models showcases a bit more of the collection, which appears to be very casual with Rihannas signature edgy twist. It reminds me of the casual collection on Asos and hasn't really wowed me, I feel as though it's all been done before. Cut off and cropped denim, baggy ts, printed vests, and baseball caps are all to be expected from the collection but i'm left wondering if there will be any dressier, more feminine pieces to follow. The colours of the jacket Rihanna instagrammed last night leave me with hope for a few fun girly statement pieces to be released.

River Island have recently definitely stepped up their game with cheaper more competitive prices and by moving away from the mass of glitzy dresses towards the more fashionable pieces. It's clear that this is only the beginning for RI and i'm excited to see what the launch in February brings, Rihanna is a massive style icon and I love that she's picked a high street store to collaborate with. I'd be interested to know your thoughts and predictions. 

Love Zoey xo

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