My holy grail cleanser & toner

When it comes to my cleanse and tone routine, i'm constantly flitting between products and have consequently tried so many as I not only get intrigued as to what they can achieve, but I feel as though if my skin gets too used to something then I stop seeing positive results.

Saying this, I do however always return to my holy grail Dr. Denese dermaclean cleanser and my Premier model skin toner and strongly believe there aren't any others out there that will achieve better results (i'm definitely up for attempting to find those that might though!). Up until about a year ago, I was a face wipe girl, or sometimes even a 'can't be bothered to take my makeup off girl' and had the opinion that I could just cover up anything I didn't like with makeup the next day (sounds awful saying that now!). I never ever thought that using a concoction of gels/liquids/serums/fluids etc could possibly have any effect on my already reasonably okay slightly combination skin and to be honest thought it was all a bit of a con. How wrong could I have been! After just the first two weeks of using these two products daily my skin had literally transformed. It was just so radiant, evenly toned and most of all I noticed that it was just soo soft, and it's pretty much stayed that way ever since. I can now if I wish, leave the house without a 'makeup mask' and just use mascara and a bit of concealer and bronzer which I never ever would have dreamed of doing before.

Little did I know that for those 19 years of my life I had been starving my skin of vital vitamins and preventing it from being its full potential. Sounds pretty drastic, but when I look back at how undernourished my face used to look (of which at the time I never thought it did) and compare it to now, the difference is massive! I'm definitely no expert on skin care and what their ingredients and vitamins actually do to your skin, but with the Dr. Denese dermaclean containing vitamins A, E &D, and my Premier model skin toner containing vitamins B & C, when using them together I have all of the vitamins covered, which I can only imagine is a good thing?! If just as me, you're intrigued as to exactly what they do for your face, then i'd highly recommend this website, it's actually really interesting.

Dr. Denese dermaclean gentle BHA cleanser, with CoQ-10, Vitamins A, E & D and Botanical extracts (236ml). Can purchase for £13 here.
It's suitable for normal to oily skin, so perfect for combination skin and as it's a gel formula, you squeeze a little out, apply it to wet skin (it doesn't foam), leave it a minute and then just rinse it off.
"Dermaclean combines the power of BHA to unclog pores (particularly good for t-zone areas) and exfoliate with the gentle action of natural botanical extracts and vitamins for a deep yet gentle cleanse."

Premier model skin toner with vitamins B & C, created by Monu professional skin care (200ml). Can purchase for £20.95 (free delivery) here.
This is a silky toner that feels extremely refreshing when applying, after cleansing I put a small amount onto a cotton pad and wipe over my face. It claims to plump up skin within, enhance natural radiance, prevent dryness and elasticity, promote healthy moisture balance and the has aloe vera to soothe. I'm really impressed with the Monu range as a whole, and will be reviewing further products in their range.

I can't give my opinion of each of these separately as i've only ever used them together, but I really do think they do exactly what they claim and when used together they are like a miracle worker! I purchased these both from Tk Maxx, for a round £5-£10. I'm always rummaging through their beauty sections, it actually gets quite addictive as you can find amazing products for a lot less than half their retail price which is ideal for me as I love experimenting, especially when I know they're expensive good quality products.

I'd highly recommend anyone that lives in the UK to have a look at the beauty products in Tk Maxx whenever you're nearby one, their stock is forever changing and you can pick up some absolutely amazing high quality bargains!

Love Zoey xo

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