London festivities

It's been a while since my last post, but as it's uni deadline week and I have a hugee amount of work, everything else is having to take a back seat, including blog posts (I've been compiling a longg list of blog posts that i'll be ready to write as soon as this dreaded third year work is in!). I did however take a break from all the stress and went to London yesterday for a fun Christmassy festive filled day. I was like a magpie, being drawn to all the glistening christmas themes and lights. Every year Selfridges on Oxford Street is always my favourite building, and not failing to impress, it was yet again so beautiful and eye-catching. The lighting around the pillars makes it so dramatic and along with the sparkling trees it all just looks so magical.

To my surprise, I wasn't really interested in going mad with shopping (although we did a bit), It was more of a cute christmassy day out for me and Sean so we just explored and visited all the touristy things. Despite it being extremely busy around the main areas, London has such an invigorating atmosphere and wherever you look there are festive displays. I've always been drawn in by shop window displays, especially at christmas. Without a doubt my favourite window display was on one of the sides of Harrods, split into five or six stunning displays. They were a fairytale enchanted themed and had the most amazing intricate details. Is it weird that I just wanted to climb into the window? They were like another world!

Unfortunately my iphone battery ran out so I couldn't photograph them all, but I'd definitely encourage anyone who's visiting London around the festive period to go and take a look at them up close. These photos really do not give them the justice they deserve! 

One of the most exciting parts for me was seeing the Coca Cola truck at the 02 arena, I've always wanted to see one as I think they pretty much define Christmas. They tour around the UK and it was just a complete coincidence that they were there when we were, as they were only in the area for two days. You can have a look on the Coca Cola Christmas truck tour website here to see when they're coming near to you, it's definitely worth a visit! 

The day has 100% got me into the festive spirit and has left me feeling soo excited for this week to be over and for Christmas to properly start! I'll leave you with a couple of instagrams (you can follow me on zoeywitherspoon) from yesterday & will be posting a review of an exciting Harrods bakery (with a difference) very soon :). 

Love Zoey xo

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  1. Love all the photos looks like a perfect Christmas Day out!


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