The number one thing I love about christmas has to be how it brings everyone together and makes everyone extra cute and loving. As cheesy at it may sound, it's true. Throw that together with amazing ever lasting food and giving & receiving gifts, there really isn't anything not to like. If i'm honest, this is probably the first year i've ever really enjoyed giving gifts. When you're really small, gifts for parents are usually bought by your parents anyway and over the past previous years being a student there wasn't exactly a lot to play with, even if I did want to be imaginative. As i've been doing a bit of promo work here and there this year I could afford to be a bit more generous with my gifts and in particular, I just couldn't wait to give my parents a photo of our family dog blown up and printed onto canvas. Bless her, after 16 years, Tess passed away in the summer and she truly was a big part of our family. I took the photo whilst sunbathing in the garden and just thought it would be such a cute thoughtful present and so nice to have in the house, especially as it's of both the dogs together! ♥

I've been loving reading christmassy blog posts and seeing others' photos, so I thought i'd share a small snippet of my christmas through my instagrams! 

My little snowman i've had since I was small and my favourite scent; vanilla.

Sausage roll baking with mumma, before this we baked mince pies!

Junior looking chuffed after stealing one of his christmas presents whilst mum was wrapping them on christmas eve! Love that I caught just how fast his tail was wagging n'aww.

Love that at the age of 21 I still wake up to a stocking on the end of my bed :). Apparently mum had a sleepless night wondering when I was actually asleep so she could creep in.. but at 5am she failed massively by waking me up and making me jump out of my skin whilst I saw her shadow come towards me hahaaa.

Standard christmas dinner photo, notice that it's twice the size of Junior (fatty).

So before this post I've always called this game 'shove hate me' haha but after just googling it I now know that it's in fact called 'shove ha'penny', which I admit sounds a lot more suitable! Everytime the family's together this game always makes an appearance and it's so much fun, if you haven't played it then you need to!

Me (ish) and my bubba with his cute little merry christmas ribbon! 

After spending a lovely day with the family, I drove to stay at Seans for christmas cuddles and to be ready for the exciting day of sales shopping ahead! As he lives out in the sticks I was informed there isn't any parking rules, so of course took full advantage and made my car look like a show car haha. 

My beautiful leather bag from Sean:). I never change my bag from day to day and i've loved my previous bags so much that i've used them every day for a year or so, so a new bag is a big deal to me. It has to be leather and structured, I like a bag that holds its shape and that has handles at the top so it can be held on my arm. This one is just perfect, I love the classic bowler bag shape (& that it's not as wide as most from the sideview), the simple design and the little metal 'feet' on the bottom are a really nice touch. I now get to enjoy moving all my things into it and organising it all; the exciting bit of getting a new bag (which I know almost every girl can vouch for).

I've noticed how from these instagrams it looks as though I spent my christmas solely with my chihuahua, but there definitely was all my family, friends and boyf involved too, I promise:). Santa was extremely generous (further blog posts to come) and after a full nine hours of sales shopping (Urban Outfitters sale was amazing!!) to add to that I now feel as though I have more than enough makeup, beauty products and clothes to feed my cravings for a verrryy long time! Happy girll :)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas too!
Love Zoey xo


  1. I have a little chihuahua too and my instagram looks just the same! Sounds like you had a good christmas! I've followed you :)

  2. Aww, i'll have a look on your blog to see her/him! Ah thankyou:)! x

  3. nice post girl..hope u had a great time!! Wld love to c u drop by my blog and follow maybe :)

  4. aww the gift you bought for your parents of your dogs is so lovely and thoughtful. it made me laugh about your mum waking you up at 5am haha sweet though! xxx

    1. Haha my dad was sitting in the other room laughing at all of the commotion! bless her, her santa skills clearly aren't up to what they used to be!xxx

  5. your dog is gorgeous! always wanted a small dog!
    Great blog, I am now following!
    Katie xx

    Dreaming of Forever.

    1. Ah thankyou so much! I'll take a look at your blog xx


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