Goodbye flat lifeless hair!

When I think hair, I instantly think Cheryl Cole.. Beautiful bouncy, voluminous locks is definitely more than just appealing and leaves i'm sure almost all of us with serious hair envy. As the party season is now in full swing and New years eve is quickly approaching, bouncy hair is a must to compliment our beautiful outfits. Having quite fine hair myself (although there's quite a lot of it), once my hair is washed and dried it has a habit of just laying there stuck against my head looking lifeless and I refuse to leave the house like that. I tend to backcomb the roots and put it up in a high ponytail or bun as of late (or put on my beloved chunky knit bobble hat) especially with this weather where my hair hasn't got a chance of surviving the day. On those days where I miss the comfort of my long hair around me, I rely on a few particular products to inject some life into my otherwise flat hair and the difference they make is just amazing.

The first, and absolutely most important product is this 'plump it up' spray from vo5. I discovered this in boots a good few months ago for around £4 and have since repurchased it twice. It's a dry backcomb spray that claims to 'add fullness for amazing volume' and it definitely does just that! I've also tried the powder versions, but they are such a fuss to apply and leave your roots feeling soo unclean. Once my hair's washed and dried, attempting to backcomb it is almost next to impossible and it's so slippy and glossy. Starting from the bottom by my neck, I part my hair into layers, spray this along the roots and then backcomb along the width of my head and work my way up to my parting. The spray adds texture so the backcombing holds but when put just on the roots it doesn't effect the overall shininess on my hair, nor does it make it look dull as dry shampoo can. I've also used this product without doing anything else to my hair and it really does make a difference, giving my hair a break from the harsh backcombing. Another bonus is that it doesn't seem to build up a chalky residue as many products can, I try and only wash my hair just twice a week and yet it still doesn't feel full of product. Just as long as it's used on the underneath layers, this product really does work miracles and is such good value for money!

Along with volume, having a healthy shine to your hair is so important especially as all the backcombing can make it seem quite fly away. I've tried so many serums and have struggled to find one that doesn't weigh down my fine hair, yet gives it that extra shiny boost. This 'rock out shine blaster' by Tigi does exactly this, with the added bonus of it smelling absolutely amazing (understatement) which lasts for days. After i've washed my hair using a tresemme xxl volume shampoo followed by my beloved banana conditioner from the body shop of which I massively recommend (see my review here), I towel dry it and then comb a small amount of the shine blaster through the lengths of my hair. I've also found with this product that I can apply it to very near my roots (not touching) and it wont weight my hair down whatsoever nor will it make me hair look or feel greasy or oily at all. I purchased it from Tk Maxx (a large discount store in the UK) for about £5, so it's worth a look in there and i've also found it on for £11.25 with free worldwide delivery too, click here.

To hold it all in place, I used to swear by the 'Elnett' hairspray from Loreal and despite being slightly more expensive, for me there was just nothing else that came close to it's quality so it was worth every penny. That was until a few months ago when I discovered Superdrug had released a second range. Their gold cans look much nicer than their violet/ silver varieties, which was already a step in the right direction. They're priced at £2.29 and although it may be more expensive then their usual 79p budget option, it's still less than half the price of my usual Loreal hairspray so I just had to give it a go. I purchased the 'shine', 'flexible' and 'volumising' ones and after trying them all out, I can safely say they are equally as good quality as the Elnett, and I haven't noticed a single difference! The shine version is probably my favourite so far as I really do think it adds an extra shine! Definite successful duplicate and whilst holding my backcombing and style in place, they don't leave that horrible residue that so many other hairsprays do and all it takes is to brush through your hair and the hairspray disappears. 

To backcomb my hair I just use an ordinary fine tooth comb, nearly all combs do the job just as well. Although recently I've been reading a lot about these teasing brushes, and have just found one online on beautybay for just £2.95! They claim to not be as harmful to your hair and with the amount that I backcomb (everyday), I didn't hesitate when putting my order in and am looking forward to trying it out! If you're interested, you can purchase one here and they currently have free worldwide delivery!

Not quite Cheryl Cole hair haha but it's a hugee improvement from what it was before using these products!

For Christmas I received the full set of enrapture extremity heated rollers, I love the whole curly bouncy look but despise using curling wands and am not fond of the prefect ringlet results so thought these would be the perfect addition to my christmas wishlist. I've read so many amazing reviews and have seen so many great results that I just can't wait to have a play around with mine, especially for creating volume close to the roots. There will be a review to follow so watch this space :)

Love Zoey xo


  1. Thank you so much for this. I've been looking for products which help add volume to hair as my hair is very straight and silky so also very flat :(

    I agree with you the VO5 powder is really weird leaves my hair feeling unclean and sticky as well!
    Will definitely be trying these products especially the spray!

    Thanks hun, also following you back xx

    1. Ahh thankyou! That's exactly my problem and the spray really is a miracle worker.. couldn't recommend it enough:)! xx

  2. I love your tan in the photo and makeup! What are you wearing x


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