Footwear. little hi, little low!

So i'm moving away from beautiful dresses onto probably my favourite type of footwear, high tops! They became super massive in the summer.. esp in ibiza <3, the trend's continued throughout the winter and I can't see it ever leaving. Although i'm starting to realise canvas high tops are nott practical in the winter and bring along a number of problems including soggy and chilly feet, but as 'practicality' stands as one of my number one hated words in the dictionary I shall ignore these factors.

Converse and nike blazers are definitely the most popular brands at the moment, but i've left mine sitting there barely warn (even my beloved leather white converse from Nyc!) as I much prefer high tops that are a less obvious choice. My all time favourites are from h&m and they were just £15 (can you believe it?!), I just love that they look so retro and because they aren't branded they look much more individual. The off white and suede nude effect really works and i've found they literally go with everything, not to mention they're the comfiest things i've ever put on my feet. I think they are even still in stock in some h&m stores so it's worth a look. Absolute bargain!

My favourite high tops from h&m

Inspired by a post I saw on instagram last month of some absolutely amazing high tops from Mulberry (I can't for the life of me remember whos it was) I've had a look for a few more unique pairs and thought i'd share my favourites with you. Yet again my favourite colour (nude) is making more than one appearance! Excuse the limited colour pallet.. 

1. These high tops from Adidas aren't exactly unique, but I think they're such a good alternative to Nike blazers and in this light grey they're a nice change from a plain white pair. 

2. I'm not sure why they look wet look and glittery in the photo, but in store they're so lovely. They're fur lined too which is looking rather attractive at the moment as my little toes are freezing off!

3, 4 & 5. I doubt i'll be owning any of these anytime soon unless they're around in the sales. The Mulberry high tops come in both the black and a creamy snowball colour, I love them even more because I know that they're Mulberry! 

6. Adding a splash of colour, the red high tops from Asos are simple yet nicely formed. At this bargain price I might just have to purchase them and brighten up my footwear wardrobe.

To end this post I have a top tip! If your suede/canvas/leather high tops get dirty on a night out (how they even get that dirty is beyond me), use a baby wipe to get rid of as much of the dirt as you can and if they still need a freshen up stick them in the washing machine with a few towels to avoid them banging around too much. Any tough stains such as UV paint on the white soles, use nail varnish remover. Was quite proud of myself when I thought of that one and it works so well, my converse looked as good as new!

Love Zoey xo

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  1. those h&m ones are so comfy! love them xx


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