A pampered chihuahuas life. First stop, Harrods

As you know, I had a Christmassy day out in London last Saturday, visiting all the touristy places. Harrods is always at the top of my list. Although the majority of what is sold is priced wayy beyond my student fund at the moment, the building itself is so beautiful and it's much more than just a shop. Whilst wondering around the lavish clothes and bags (I fell in love with each and every one), I was so surprised to find myself in the middle of what seemed to be a food produce 'market'.. meat, fish and deli counters, and fruit & veg arranged into the most refined piles that I wouldn't dare touch. I couldn't help but wonder how good an apple from harrods would taste, and what made an apple a harrods apple. Anyway, my excitement to see pet kingdom diminished these thoughts and I began to work my way around the diverse maze of departments and escalators.

If you know me or follow me on instagram, then you'll definitely know I own a chihuahua; my furry child. Junior's two years old now and he's literally my baby, he sleeps under my duvet in bed with me, runs to get me when dinner is called and then sits on my lap at the table, the list goes on. He's not a dog, he's my beautiful human baby.

Every pampered pet needs equally as exquisite presents. Pet Kingdom is a luxurious area on the fourth floor of harrods, containing everything a pet could dream of. As well as a spa for pets, you can buy everything you could possibly imagine, even the pets themselves. I was on the lookout for a special little gift for Junior. With his toybox already overflowing and a lot of the toys being too big for him, the reasonable option was something edible, something for him to munch on whilst the rest of the family open their presents on christmas morning.

Canine cookie company is set out just as you would expect to find a humans bakery, but don't be fooled. From bark-well tarts to iced pupcakes, each is made from dog friendly ingredients and are not only irresistibly tasty (from a dogs point of view), but are additive free and full of nutrients. Everything looked so good that even I wanted to eat it! 

Their seasonal products were out on display, amazing hampers in all sizes which will make the most thoughtful gift to any pampered pet recipients. The pupcorn immediately caught my attention, it just looks so 'life-like'... and then I read that it's liver flavour. The attractive treat is 'low in fat and high in fibre so perfect for any dogs watching their waistline!' I picked up a packet of this for Junior and can't wait to give it to him on Christmas morning, just for the novelty of seeing him work his way through a bag of popcorn whilst knowing its actually doing him good. For anyone interested in treating their dogs, head over to the Canine cookie company's website, here. Although i'd definitely advise you to take a look for yourself in pet kingdom as the online site doesn't stock all the products and it's difficult to see the intricate details from the photos.

It has opened up a new world to me, I might just have to purchase their recipe book 'Pupcakes' and take a whole new approach to baking. They will make great presents for any dog owners and I'm sure Junior will appreciate my home made efforts :). Let me know if you've tried any doggy recipes! 

Love Zoey xo


  1. Ow this is SO cute! Junior is so sweet! Wow Cannine Cookie Company is amazing! The pupcorn is such a great idea!

    Robyn Mayday

  2. nice photos I liked your blog, I follow you!
    and if you like mine I hope you like pretty follower :) a kiss!

  3. I definitely treat my Maya like a human too! I've never given her any of these but she enjoys these chicken flavored cookies that look just like doughnuts, I think they are so cute and Maya thinks they are so tasty!

    1. N'aww! I might have to look out for some of these! x

  4. He is sooooo cute :)



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