Unique Gift Guide (all under £20)

With only a few days left of November, Christmas is approaching and like every other year, before you know it, it's Christmas eve. I've trawled the internet for a selection of unique gifts that you wont find on the high street, giving that extra special thought and individuality.. all without having to leave the confounds of your cosy home. 

1. My first choice was this 'question a day' journal, available from here (£14). 
I'm a sucker for a good looking notepad/ journal/ diary, anything with a vintage or rustic feel is always a winner so this journal instantly caught my eye. The idea is it provides you with a question (thought provocative/ quirky & inevitably interesting) and you write an answer each day under the date. Not only is it beautifully presented but its a personal, fun gift to keep and look back on, allowing you to compare your thoughts year after year. This has definitely made it onto my Christmas wishlist!

2. Embroidered personalised mirror, available from here (£6.50). 
A personalised gift is a sure way to say that you've thought about your present buying. This cute mirror can be personalised with any initial, and then completed with the text of your choice onto the wool pouch. Each design is made from recycled fabrics and vintage cottons, so each one is truly unique and one of a kind. A pocket mirror is a handbag essential, so extremely useful for any girl on the go.

3. Pug ipad sleeve, available from here (£15.99).
I don't even own an ipad, yet i'd still be more than happy to receive this! It's left me wanting to get an ipad purely so I can keep it in this cute pug faced sleeve. Whilst protecting your ipad, its gloss finish means it can be wiped clean easily, making it practical and adorable. For all those ipad owners/ dog lovers, this is a must-have accessory!

4. Water bobble, available from here (£8.95).
A while a go, I saw my friends one of these and was completely amazed. I'd completely forgotten about it until now. It contains a unique filter that removes all of the impurities from regular tap water as you drink. I literally think it's such an amazing invention and everyone should own one, who doesn't like to drink clean, pure water?! 

5. Instagram polaroid prints, available from here (£9.99).
I saw these on Company magazines gift guide and just had to include them in my own. I am a true instagram addict, if you want to take a look my instagram name is 'zoeywitherspoon'. For those of you who don't know, instagram is an app that allows you to edit and share photographs, in the key square shaped form. On this site you can have 12 of your favourite instagrams printed and sent to you in a cute polaroid form. Great for creating scrapbooks, albums, giving as gifts or for brightening up your walls.

6. 'Eat me' cookie stamp, available from here (£8.99 or 3 for £20).
When I saw this, I thought of an Alice in Wonderland tea party. It's a great gift to give any budding baker, but also a great idea is to make their favourite cookies/ biscuits and apply this stamp, giving them that vintage tea party touch..  resulting in a very happy recipient (if they're edible)! There are two other designs available including, 'home made' and 'love you', so something to suit everyone. 

7. My cuppa tea mug, available from here (£8.49).
Almost everyone drinks tea or coffee, so this is an ideal gift for someone you may not know as well, perhaps for a secret santa gift. Its available in tea of coffee styles and the guide colour allows you to know when you've reached your perfect brew. No more 'too much milk' incidents and they'll have their favourite strength everytime. 

I hope this has given you some inspiration and if these gifts haven't caught your eye, i'd definitely urge you to have a look at the websites i've linked as these are just a small selection of unique gifts I found! 

Love Zoey xo

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